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It says what is on your head nothing. Why do you ask. Wait none of you. I'm not answering any questions until you guys answer. How many hawaiian shirts you have. Listeners actor traveler in nurse. Sandy of we need to know. Hold him ransom. Tomorrow is thursday. So send us a picture of you wearing your hawaiian shirt on. I am finding those national thing. I made my last question that i have a couple of facts and question. What activity generates more revenue than movies spectator sports theme parks cruise ships and the recorded music industry combined. Sports is in there. Oh i don't know hallmark birthday cards santer. Davies has to hawaiian shirts. Have one sandra nathan says yes to one nc. Batra traveler only has one who Aaron having to do zero. oh my god yup. She needs to go buy one so wait. What activity generates more revenue. That luby's spectator sports theme parks cruise ships and the recorded. Music against st combines pharmaceuticals no an activity that an activity. No taking drugs or i don't know bicycling is surprising to me. Will money is involved. You need money to do this activity going out for dinner. Actually the the money is the only the money is the point of the activity. Banking laxatives gambling. Oh really which. I didn't know that it makes sense. But i don't know i don't know i don't know i doubt some of these ability. No the rubik's cube is the most anyway it. It's really fast. It's a couple of interesting facts. That were funny robert. She's bureau the adventure. Vassil lean ate a spoonful of the stuff every morning. Why sandy can you tell us why. For one of the health benefits of acelino. Only lose up player poops. They come out like toothpaste. Isn't a petroleum-based petroleum products. I don't think it does anything for the body say. I had a teacher in middle school. Who would had a vat like a big vat. It's the biggest bad. I'd ever seen at the time. I didn't know you could buy vast lean bats that big kept it in his desk and like every five minutes. You're like open up the door and like taking me like robert. Oliver's canceled canceled very big free education. But how that helped to eat it. Sandra sandra jean j. these junior okay. The next fact is in iphone ads. The time is always nine forty two or nine forty one. Am and do you know why that is. Because that was the time that steve jobs died where he was born. No because they do their launches apple event launches starts at nine. Am and they found that the big reveals always come at nine forty one hundred forty two am which i thought was inch. I don't know that it's interesting. Lubricates like castor. Oil your bowels. Yeah so it does really. That's yet your body. Can't breaking down because i'm sick. Making is that right nurse standing watching david realization in the last interesting fact is you can purchase large sheets of uncut. Us currency through the mail. Did you guys know that now. But i know what. We're doing tomorrow on our hawaiian shirts by my house. That thing wait nurse sandy. That's gross and wait to. We have our on. Wait till we have ron..

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