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This the specific tenets of more than his rental lot about joseph smith would not about the theology so i can only tell you that i hear my criteria do you believe in the in the god of of the bible number one number two do you believe that god is created the world do you i believe god gave the ten commandments if you believe in those things l and the god of israel because i have to give the garden name if you believe in all of those things then whatever else you ed is your business it is not my business because you could ask the same thing to do jews and christians believe in the same god juiced enough belief in the trinity so do jews and christians believe in the same god i am a jew and i believe i believe in this same god is christians do but i don't believe in the trinity so does that mean i don't believe in the same god is christians do know with doesn't it means that i can aljazeera theological differences there a theological additions but that at the basic level we do believe in the same god so i would apply the same thing if the answers to the previous questions were yes for more than two moments okay okay thank you a c r might ed this is a very interesting subject because i am i spend more time i've all right now certainly spend more time theologically through politically believer a a halfmillion word commentary on the tour it's my lifelong work it's finally get the first volume will be out a nixed the next year for passover an easter the exodus the five books of the torah road genesis exodus elevated kiss numbers in deuteronomy exodous will be coming up so uh i i think about these things a great deal that therefore and i care about.

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