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It done in the month of November gonna save just about half so check it out as they say it's not just the floor wow it's nature stuff all right outside we have sunshine for today we'll see fifty six will feel at two fifty six that I cloud movin chance of rain and forty one to March morning rain and could switch to a mix of rain snow in the afternoon anyway you look at it that's an ugly day right there morning high of forty six times falling in the afternoon then Friday the sun comes out stays cold it's thirty nine on Friday thirteen nine and it's pretty cool right now thirty four seven hundred W. L. W. seven hundred W. L. job sports college basketball action last night Tyree Jones with a double level of seventeen points and eleven rebounds Nagy Marshall added seventeen points to savor went to season opener beating Jacksonville Sintashta letter seventy six fifty seven coach Travis steel you know I thought we really guarded for twenty five minutes this would have a guard last fifteen minutes there but give Jacksonville credit I thought the move the ball really well we have the better defensively towards it the game and K. you dont solve using Clermont one of five fifty five of the nor season opener ricin Langan off the bench to lead the way with NK you for twenty points number two Kentucky upset number one Michigan state sixty nine sixty two Tyreese maxi leading the Wildcats with twenty six points number five Lobel downs the Miami hurricanes eighty seven seventy four right stayed over central St ninety six to seventy seven tonight in college basketball Cincinnati Bearcats open in Columbus up against number eighteen Ohio state the action starts at eight right here on seven hundred WLW coach John Brannen facing the Buckeyes you'll tacky the tough part is you just don't have any no we we one film on from a from an exhibition game so the tough part is you just don't really have a lot on the opponents the really don't understand what you're walking into it's kind of got to go but last year and you get a really rely on your own have it's more than anything.

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