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I remember hunting this is accused the unsolved murder and retha welsh just before william virgil was to go on trial for the murder of retha welsh his defence lawyer meet a shocking discovery that seemed to throw the prosecution's case in jeopardy robert patten gotta call alerting him to additional files related to the case that he hadn't been given yet he didn't think much of it at first he said because he already had a huge stack of documents but then he noticed that the letters g j had been scrawled on all the files already given to him but not on the new ones that were just surfacing he started to wonder with the letters meant and want to went over there there was boxing or orlando liquor box but must have fifteen files in it may be more solveiga look adamantly were dead ends ally grier but many of were suspects including this becker fellow boyfriend and though and the other one was isaac grubbs who i had represented at least twice before once i'd take a truck for uh for part of my fee so i knew who the guy was i knew he was he was violent because he was always in trouble with the law in short three days before a jury selection patten was given a box filled with information about possible alternate suspects suddenly he realized sweat jj meant it's what they had given to the grand jury the rest was well not.

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