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Killer innovation. A regular attender at Ted. I never could have imagined the prep that goes into giving one of these talks in this case of my Ted ex talk that you heard in segment one I was first approached about six weeks ahead of the event. Most of the other speakers had already been approached and agreed. I in fact was in the middle of the mountains camping with my grandkids. When I got the call asking me to present. Then I learned that there would be two to two and a half hours of practice sessions each and every Tuesday night. That's right. Two two two and a half hours of practice sessions. Every tuesday. Then the last week there will be practice sessions on Tuesday Thursday and Saturday just before the event which was on a Sunday. Now, Ted ex bowler is a big event. It's like twenty four hundred people in the audience sells out every year tickets and some cases can be hard to come from. But and I was excited. It was an opportunity to share the subject matter. This case about my own struggle with impostor syndrome in the hopes that it would help other people who may be headed recognize what they were struggling with are coming out with their own struggles now in so I got my head wrapped around that. This was going to be a major time, you know, two and a half hours one evening every week for six weeks. Plus all these extra practice sessions. Then came the real surprise. Now. The original talk was roughly forty five minutes. I gave it at the old AOL headquarters in northern Virginia. No, no, no. There was maybe a couple of hundred people in the audience, and it was all CEO's or or see x oh level kinds of executives from leading companies in northern Virginia. Now when I was asked to talk, I assumed it would be a normal eighteen minute tedtalk. I'd been to the I go to the Ted event every year now being held in Vancouver. That was my expectation. So I showed up at the first practice session with a trimmed down from forty five minutes. Eighteen minutes. I'm boy, let me tell you that was tough cutting it down, but it was at that first session that I learned that the TED talks for boulder are nine minutes. Think about that. Forty five minutes to eighteen minutes to nine minutes. Now give it how often I give talks and keynotes. The joke is all that you need to give me as three talking points that a microphone and I'm ready to go. Now, I can fill up an hour. Not a problem to craft this talk down to nine minutes. Now, if you go back and watch the YouTube video under over that the tax site, and you actually clock the time it was actually eleven minutes. Twenty seconds at the events. I would have preferred to have ninety days to prep for a nine minute talk. At a craft this talked down to nine minutes. I really had to think about just what were those key elements. There was a lot of things in there. I just could not cover our head to Chuck it out and really break it down. Now, what I will say about the Ted ex balder event is they have some of the top presentation coaches, speech coaches that actually help you figure out what you're going to toss out because what you quickly will learn is something that you think is important is not important to the audience. And so. There was a lot of work to get it down to nine minutes. And then put kind of icing on the cake for TED talks as you can see on the screen. You're expected to memorize it memorize it in such a way without making it look like you memorized it now, I can honestly say I spent more time on this talk than any other talk in my entire career bar, none. And look Alice part of the senior team that took a company public, and we did the major road show flying around on a private jet doing all these cities around the world leading up to the IPO of our shares. Right. And I we'd allotted for that. This talk had more prep than even that. Now one for the content. I wanted to memorize one for that content. It was important for me to get it. Right. Especially given how many of us struggle with impostor syndrome when I gave that forty five minutes in northern Virginia. The response the number of people that waited for to be talked to me after that talk was just overwhelming. And it was just a couple of hundred people in this case after I got done with my talk at Ted ex older. I was leading right up prior to kind of an intermission a thirty minute intermission. Or no actually is a one hour intermission between the two sections of the Ted events, and they actually had dinner arranged for dinner for twenty five hundred people, and as I was walking out to catch up with my wife in my adult children and others friends who had come to see my talk. I barely made it out there to even get a chance to sit down for five minutes to grab something quickly to eat because everybody was stopping me. Not because I'm some great speaker. But because of the. The subject matter this impostor syndrome can be debilitating and just giving people the permission to talk about share it indicative fest. They struggle with it. Is can be very enlightening, and very freeing and people just wanted to talk about it. Second is to this was going to be alive in my hometown. Now, we don't technically live in boulder, but we do live nearby. So that we're going to be people in the audience who knew me, including some of my staff. So I wanted to memorize it. Now one thing you may not be aware of when it comes to Ted or tax talks. And I'm sure everybody's watched them on YouTube. It's cetera over on the Ted sight. Here's a little behind the scenes secret. What you see in the video is not what happens to live. Trust me. What you see in? The video is not what happens live. In vancouver. The main of that this is where the main tied talks are given at the annual Ted conference. I've seen many TED talks at the main of that where the speaker stumbles they freeze up. They can't remember it. They stop the conference, and they let the speaker either restart the entire talk or pause and pick up just before the stumble. Then the video gets edited. And that's what you see. So the fact if you're in the live audience watching a Ted talk, you will see speaker stumble. You'll see the lose track of where they are in the memorization. They'll freeze up. They'll fumble something drop it they stop let them restart it to get it. Right. Saying in Ted is is more people will see your video than we'll ever see it live. They focus on that video the instructions for the tax boulder event was the same if you stumbled pause and then pick it up just prior and then move on. Then the magic of video editing will make that mistake disappear forever. Now in my case, I didn't need to fall back on that. I probably had a couple of fumbles, and I think they might have clipped out one little piece. But the pressure was intense. You should talk to my staff, I was spending hours every day locked into this indoor kind of an interconference from that had no windows in it just doing the speech over and over and over again. But the objective was I wanted to tell the story it's a very personal story. It's really a little bit of a confession on what I struggled with in the first twenty five years of my career. And then that I opening realization that I just wasted a lot of time and a lot of energy. Well, this is not a normal episode of the show. We don't get typically into these kinds of personal things. I hope you've found it useful and informative. If.

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