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I had no clue that ever was going to be a thing and really didn't get interested. I'm really kind of surprised that i wasn't interested. Because science was my favorite subject is. School is one of those classes that i didn't have to study for. I took notes in class. And i did on exams but when i graduated high school i didn't know what i wanted to do in i'd been lifting weights for years and was a powerlifter. A big muscular guy in my friend said why don't you become a pro wrestler because the dallas area was the home of the von erich family which is really well known wrestling family in. They said you should be prowrestler stuff that yeah that really does sound kind of cool so i went to wrestling. School became a prowrestler. Did that for a few years in school. Yeah this their schoolbags accepted that we have in the uk. If i'm wrong. But i didn't even need guys suppose. Obviously you have to lay into do it properly. Yeah they do have an uk actually because there was a movie that came out a couple of years ago. Yeah fighting with my family. And they'll the lady that was from the uk. I do. actually. I didn't say i remember i. I watch i watch show. Yeah she's a. She's a wwe wrestler so so so so the teachers but but didn't you does a pitch view but you gotta say does a pitch if you've desolate obey factor back. During that time. I was at wrestling enough to make make a living so i was also working full time as a bouncer at a nightclub and as one of the special events they brought in those wrestling bear so it was open to anyone to russell but to market this event get more people in since i was a hometown boy worked at the nightclub and was a pro wrestler. They did put out these posters with my wrestling. Promo picture on there trying to get a crowd and and so it was open. Anyone wrestle are wrestled. The baron relative twice. Actually the picture you see Was the second time wrestling that night. In how i know that is i. Want a t. shirt said. I wrestled sampson the bear in lost since i did better than the rest of the people that wrestled the bear. This is just my i. I'm not gonna fix. This is obviously we want to know more about it as a as a kid but i mean this the first of all you still have to see shirt and sadly don't we have to get what made no. I don't have that teacher. It'd be more of what happened to john. It's going to happen you know that's.

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