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It was like he should be the butler. I mean this is i go. I know that i skew vents compared to a lot of guys a lot of people that listen to this show but like cameron grimes. I said before camera. Grimes a microphone is main roster goal. Like he can key. He is gifted enough in the things that he can do. Better than everybody else that he will be a superstar that said he's a little dude and he's a little dude. That like looks kinda like a little dude. If you take away if you take away the copious amounts of of trust hair. You know. I mean he he looks like a jv football player. And but but that's not necessarily a especially not now but it's not bad idea before you get stuck being shorty. Gee it's not a bad idea to sort of embrace it and the seem like yourself aware enough in the in the in the to say let's have him start off as a butler. You who also is a small die that was inexplicably over for about six months. Virgil you know and and you could work with that. You can work with that at least start with some sort of self awareness. It's not. It's not the craziest thing in the world now. I know russel's wannabe be russia's. And i understand that but people got understand us so much job security and being a great mouthpiece for somebody you can do that ship for twenty years. Not take a single bump be super healthy and all your bumps means something if you never wrestle. You know like i hope. Cameron grimes russell's. I hope he does you know. I hope they kind of do him. Because i'm a big fan. His entering work. But that shouldn't be a turnoff. That shouldn't be a shot. That shouldn't be a a you know a down. Somebody's like yeah. Like this guy could be like the next jimmy hart. It could be like the next mouth of the south and do that for twenty twenty five years and eat. Well you know. There's nothing wrong with that at all. So you're saying he's going to be hanging out hogan's beach every day and just signing autographs and stuff is that what you're in blank The main event was ankle going over kylo riley in a This was their second big ones. So this is. We're waiting for the rubber the teed up for a rubber match at this point. I think so yeah. It's awesome people speculating. It might be a loser. Leaves town rubber match like somebody's going to the main roster it's it's basically the opposite of a leisurely sound like the luger actually wins but yeah so i mean that was a hell of a match man. I love watching these to go. And that's sort of the beauty of what they do inex- teas that you get to indulge in these sorts of rematches. Just like people really have good chemistry in there. There's not the urgency to you know push to push the fast forward button after every match So next week we got the big title match. Are you feeling carrier across Brew feel like we're getting a lot of. We're getting a lot of marine the twitter streets and not feel it. And i think i don't think that's a little bit of what you're reading. I feel like we're getting an inordinate amount of real time real time history writing sort of which you know. I've been guilty of doing this in my career. That was my career for a long time. But i feel like a lot of people are being more are are kind of evaluating of evaluating cross in real time in a way in a in a sort of extreme way. But i hear it. I mean. it's not. He's definitely the most criticized the next champion of ever seen. I mean he's being he's being booked like something. I non annex c champion you know. He's been good. Frankly is being booked in a way that would make more sense for someone who is a challenger right and he's a guy he's the guy that rolls in memphis terrorize jerry. The king lawler for six months before he gets a title shot. You know Nfc's about work right right. I mean it's about. I mean he's eat into be decapa. Gotta pay your dues. They're a little bit. I think that's the perception right in the end. And if you're not gonna use them weekend and week out in the ring. Then r is it a good idea to use them. As just a the the mannequin standing there holding the belt may not know i listen. I love him. I love him. And i and i don't i don't think he's like he's not do it for me man like us. And i don't know. I feel like what the what the annex t you know between adam cole and johnny gargano like every week. They're playing into the fact that like we know that you're reading this to like put them up against these guys who are all of our favorites to adam cole's defend baylor's johnny gargano these undersized annexed darlings we love and they don't shy away from the fact that they're like saying things like you're nodding my you're not in my league. I'm a bring you into the deep waters or like you you you can't. You're not on my level. They're not saying away from the fact that carry across is it that guy. He's not that work rate dude. He's not that dude is going to give you a thirty forty minute. Meltzer five star classic. And i'm saying but he has a lot of bells and whistles. He has a cool entrance. He has a cool girl. He's got the cold music like he's got all this stuff that you know is kind of made for not really the crowd that annex t garner's you know what i'm saying so so much so that johnny gargano who is doing great work as a he'll like turn into a baby face about the fall in like a week at any listener again. He saw gargano is playing like a top tier comedy character. And there's no way to keep that he needed to prevent getting cheers for character like that. Especially when someone's beloved is joining gadoe. There's there's a there's a stop watch set at and there's only so olympia right. I mean that turned him face to go up against him it was. I think that you gotta see some value. You had acknowledge some value. In seeing the johnny gargano the world standing next to carry cross and going up against him in a match. Because if they're ever going to get called up. I mean you might wish. They never get caught up in frankly. I'm with you to to alert degree on in at least spiritually there. There's some people that should just stay next forever and make it awesome. But if but if johnny organic you know wants to be on the main roster there's no better way to sort of prove your mettle than to like show. You can really shine against carrying cross. Because he's just already there if in all but in in all but actual reality so maybe there's some value in that too for him. I just googled away by the way in exte- to try to pull up a clip from the tag match And you know when they said that google's recommended questions it always pop up like as third thing the first the first people also ask that came up is is candice. Laurie a man. Oh wow why. They can't be based on looking at her. Is i just based on confusion about her name. Like talking about like a people are stupid. That's very strange. I would love to know. Lay the with with with the conspiracy that lead people to ask. That question was because it doesn't make you wrestled dudes. I guess that's it. Oh people wrestling fans are aren't the smartest being in the bunch but our listeners are the smartest we all had to be true. What else we get to talk about. Is there anything anything else from the actually. I think that was it. I think we covered everything up. I'm excited about this title match. So oh by the way. Some joe's special guest referee. That's what they didn't say a title match next week. Some joe gets his first first real taste of Of of official duty That'll be a lot of fun too. So it makes you. I mean. I don't know if samoa joe's ever going to wrestle again. Obviously there have been rumors that he's still training for a comeback. Damn man i mean. If he's they're playing they're definitely letting us. Letting your imaginations run wild by booking. I'm like this.

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