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The static with dave scofield on thursday in all of our content. We're talking about the hangover on monday to scarborough show on tuesday. The curtain call. Wednesday thursday. The preview friday with tony on friday. Obviously saturday we have the touchdown under crew from down in australia and then sunday tales from two. Am with brian. Anthony davis which by the way as i said last week when i had mattie pedal on friday. i said. I'm going to be doing this. But every friday having a guest on in some way shape or form to talk about the steelers and maybe their role on our podcast platform. Today's guest in the second half will be none other than brian. Anthony davis it's someone you've heard a lot from but i think we're going to ask him some questions that are a little bit different Going to get a feel for what's coming up. I've been teasing the fact that we are expanding our platform so excited to talk about brian to introduce you all to some of that content. That's going to be coming your way and also just say you know about the volume. I don't want anyone to think that we're going to start pumping out twelve shows a day. That's not what it's going to consist of but we'll get to that we'll get to that in the second half. I'm really excited about this. Show this podcast is a lot of stuff to talk about in. I decided i'm gonna tease. I'm working on a bigger project that is going to take some time. Take some research. Hey the hartman house is moving again. You might be saying jeff. Didn't you just move. The answer is yes. We did just move. We sold our house. We had to move into a rental and now we're moving into our house that will be our permanent house for a long time. So we're it drowned during this time is crazy and i don't have time to sit down and research things as much as i'd like to so with that said i do have a show coming up. I might toss it over to dave scofield or have him on the show to help him use his brain power to figure it out as well but that's coming up big show. I'm really excited for that topic. It's definitely one that's going to require somewhere but today's topic is about surprises and disappointments pittsburgh. Steelers could surprise in. That could disappoint in twenty twenty one and what i did is. I broke this down into five players on each five surprises. Five disappointments gave you an honorable mention for both. But it's one of those situations where i was like. Okay what are the parameters here. What are the parameters for. These surprises and disappointments. Because every year we have players who step up they would be surprises players. That really kind of rise above and then we have players that don't step up to the challenge and those players that are more aligned disappointments and that's horrible to say but that's just reality the really the only true parameter that i had with this exercise was i decided. I'm not going to use. Rookies know rookies. I think about someone like sutton smith. The sutton smith was a sixth round draft pick from i believe northern illinois in everyone was in love with this guy. Oh my gosh what. He's going to be so good. He got hurt in training camp. He didn't even make the team so everyone would say that. The disappointment well that happens every year with bookies inside the steelers have nine drafted rookies this year. Not all nine could make the team. And if that's the case as i said you know what i'm just gonna leave rookies out. I'm only going to have players. That are currently on the roster. That are not in their first year. So what i wanna do is. I'm going to go through the disappointments first and then the surprises second as a teacher. You're taught early on in your career and if you're a teacher and you didn't know this maybe you should do this. That when you have like parent teacher conferences or talking with apparently should always finish on a positive. Leave that person. The last thing they're hearing is a positive. That's what we're gonna do. We're gonna do disappointments for surprises second. Then we'll take a quick break. We'll get brian. Anthony davis on and then. I'll have the heart-to-heart at the very end of this show. So let's go disappointments players that i think could be disappointments. We're going to start with my buddy. Everyone that's listening to my podcast for any length of time knows it's my buddy. Good old. Justin lane i he could. He could be on the other side of this. He could be surprised. I'm not going to lie. I'm not gonna pretend that that couldn't have it absolutely could happen. Justin lane could turn out to be surprise. But i have him as a disappointment. I'll tell you why justin lane his not. He's been at every workout and he did have some off field issues and that's neither here nor there but is there. Here's a going to his third year. He was a third round draft. Pick out of michigan state in when the steelers released even nelson. You think this is the perfect opportunity for him to slide in. He is an outside cornerback. That is his primary position outside. Cornerback okay but no one's talking about justin lane. No one during mandatory minicamp not as it was james pierre an undrafted player from last year. Who was speaking to reporters. That was getting all this pub- it was pumped up all of this all these nothing with justin louis. If justin lane doesn't win himself a job in some capacity this season that would be humongous disappointment and he would be just. The latest of many failed. Defensive backdraft picks for the steelers. I'm not trying to start that discussion or that debate that the steelers can trap defensive backs. No because they've done it and they've hit on a couple. Camp sutton is a perfect example. They did draft camp sutton out of tennessee so keep that in mind but justin lane is number one in terms of my overall disappointments or potential disappointments in twenty twenty one next. I'm going to go to the offense of side of the football. And i'm gonna go with a running back. That is very familiar with nad..

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