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That aren't good enough and so you don't get a chance to to understand all the things you're seeing justin field saying that the game was a little bit slower than he thought he did. Couch it with like. Hey look the defense. I play against is a lot faster than the defense we played against. I told you if you if i went back if you went back three six months ago even the bears guys were like. Let's just we're planning on sitting him plan on letting dalton play. But the guy's got freaked. There's a reason he was the number one recruit. There's reason and i knew. I know that you're throwing open guys at ohio state. And he wasn't as good when guys were covered. This year's at ohio state But he does seem to have a little bit of that. it factor the bears the bears. The problem with the bears is. They've actually been pretty good. Example is do you know the record of the last. Three years is the exact same as indianapolis colts and they've had similar success in the playoffs. Indianapolis colts yet. People have this assumption that the colts are so much better off than the bears are right and and i would have said that myself. Just you know what. I'll look at the data or the games you know what i mean. Yes definitely would have felt that. Okay so so i like the problem with trubisky was like everybody lack confidence like. Oh boy here comes the offense again. And i kind of think you have that adult and like he can do all this stuff and he's fine. He's one he's been the playoffs and whatever but this guy gives you a jolt and if you can use the jolt to trigger that defense which is the real strength of this team. I i actually think there's something there i. It's not crazy to think they'd be the second best team that division if they get more than competent quarterback play and occasionally he can make a play just upon his his raw talent and they can they can scheme up around him. So in this particular instance. I'm leaning more towards justin fields considering how well he's played and how everybody said like he's taken gigantic leap. Now that they're they're in live action okay so that that would be in that particular case. That's where i would lean and that makes sense because when you have a defense you don't have to put up forty points to win a game. I mean that that that it's not like what lawrence might have to do. Or or zach wilson or somebody else it will be definitely a different so so i understand that and the other part is. I don't know at some point we saw it with. What's his name was with the dolphins. I just forgot the ryan fitzpatrick we kind of know who he is. And you wonder about wasting snaps on a guy like that and you say yourself. Do you really wanna way snaps on. Andy dalton when you know who he is as well and and the upside is on fields is way bigger. And how long has that defense. 'cause i'm not saying it's over next this season but how long are you going to wait on it and you know what i mean if you believe in why not..

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