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Of the booth and jason martin you've been looking at the lists like if you weren't nfl gm right now and you had to go sign a guy who is an honor roster right now the available list of quarterbacks obviously capper nick rg three and then who you got jason marred you're going to do not gonna believe a couple of these names but not the ones that are in in a found some others in this other ranking of quarterbacks that are available in than there is a list of other guys that were signed that were on this list put sean hill in ponder sean hill is like forty years old maria yeah he is is not a played in a couple of years christian ponder who i think miami actually looked uh uh charlie whitehurst and then bruce greg housekey but then here's a this is unbelievable name like just looking at the top twenty five according to this one website i'ma number twenty on the list and he would actually only be like number six of guys that have not been signed is vinci young that is how far we've fallen on the list of available quarterbacks to venture jongwe and then johnny manziel ripe beneath him and then josh freeman uh at five accordeonist lists like i said like most of these guys have now signed with teams as backups and things like that but yeah that's unbelievable actually ventured young as a top twenty list a quarterback even when everybody was there and then about sixty of these guys saw that's unbelievable so sean hill actually started one game last year and i i said he was forty he'll he'll be thirty eight this coming year so he's obviously if he's on a list of top available quarterbacks that shows you how slim the pickings are truly as you kind of breakdown this list and so that comes into my question do you think first of all i think colin cabinet is going to get side all right like when i look at this let's because that that's my that's my you know ability award because this weekend a couple of guys will probably get hurt right you got sued 32 nfl teams in action for most of them they're opening preseason game you have a lot of different guys.

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