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Catch breaks its acklin finally brought down at the eleven yard line give them a gain of twelve yards its excuse me first in ten the first a goal actually take that first intent from the eleven for the red storm ivan and venus such a versatile weapon this year over a thousand yards receiving nine touchdowns he's been such a intricate part for so many years here in el paso rolling leftists for nine is he's gonna keep inside the fifteen tries to get back to scrimmage is going to be about a half a yard shy the probably give them the twelve let's go to bring up second down and eleven from the twelve yard line these are tough yards to get down closed in the shadow of that end zone yeah no doubt i mean you know once you get down there it just gets more and more difficult as that real estate becomes less so they're going to have to come up with more creative plays at this point with eighteen left here the first quarter for a three carries thirteen yards now for fernandez after gave that one back lotta time to throw wants to go left now kazak mental fires up bullet but that bulls then knocked down in route undercut josh lopez out of andras got a hand up and knocked it down that's going to bring up third down and eleven look like there was a little confusion there there was no receiver in that area lopez actually good have intercepted there but just was able to bad down for nod is now just two out of seven big third downright here of course they got the kicker who can knock went through that hanks kid but the that rather have seven than six for not as you get a lotta time to throw at his own 19 just back and forth moves laugh now moves right throws it out laid has ubiaja down the field cut it breaks brexit tackle into the right corner of the zone and the red storm on the board seven fifty six left to play in the first quarter and the red storm has join the fight a sixteen yard touchdown reception andrew fernandez toumet zubi i'd say the big fullback out jape and she'll be at the big boy celebrate debt tackled that was attempted by pebble hills jail inspires and i'll tell you what it looked like he may have had him at around.

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