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Me happy to go, go land and radio world. I'm telling you that one is bugged me for a couple years, because I'm like, I ate that Krakatau rock. And there's. Okay. Donnie if people are going to watch stuff, what you're recommending, obviously, Verdon on f act. Eight episodes. I watched the finale last night, very touching. Very moving wonderful wonderful show with both Gwen. Gwen Verdon, Michelle Williams and Sam Rockwell. But. Sees everything. Couple of things coming up this weekend. Julius not a fan of his maybe you are Laurie. Idris Elba is back for four episodes of Luther BBC, America that starts as it. It is really good. He's a great character and his nemesis played by Ruth Wilson. She's coming back. So I would recommend that very highly to the other one that I can't wait to see Sunday night, nine o'clock at AMC based on the very cool novel by Joe hill son of Stephen King. Is NAS for to hallways said that that's based on the book cook and Zachary Quinto? He plays this character. Charlie manx. Here we go. Julia. Feeds off the souls of children than deposit. What remains into Christmas land twisted Christmas village where every day's Christmas and unhappiness is against the law. Amazing. I can't wait to watch this, and what channel is that on AMC and the deal is, it's an S for a two that's his license plate. Right. He spells out Knauss Virata, which is another name for.

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