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And i ended it with a quote from the producers where it's at i just. I want everything i've ever seen in the movies and it's gene wilder says when he stands up on the statute like the fountain at the producers. And that's what i ended up with. And i was like i don't know if it worked. I went to the of movie film festival. But i maintain that. That's the reason that's so awesome. Yeah i ended up with like you know what i. I want everything i've ever seen in the movies. Another thing just popped into my head in space balls were. They're combing the desert like the giant comb. Combs i've ever be. Because i wash or moves when i was younger like my god probably like g young to understand half of it. They're coming the desert there's giant bit combs and then the guy's like we found shit. Okay i i wasn't prepared and i didn't understand the alien reference to hello. I'm glad he was a fun guy. Just going i mean. The the poor guy didn't survive he was thriving a little cain and a top hat. Yeah he was channeling. His young frankenstein was going to be good cutting room floor shit. Oh no sorry okay. What other vince. You make people now or not. Or i don't know it comes all sponsorships. No damn it jackie. La's line do not use. Such languages in the presence of bride is probably the nod to the fact that until the nineteen seventies Actors weren't allowed to swear in films. Yeah the hays code. I didn't know that caused a lot of issues in it. Actually league halted Some of the monster movies. Oh really fucking hayes code l. Hey hey it's not related to me. He wii s no. It's spelled my which. I don't appreciate you don't want to be associated with it was well. It was created by william h hayes. Who was the president of the of the motion picture producers and distributors of america From one thousand nine hundred eighty four to nineteen sixty eight. It wasn't great but it came up with thirty six. Like don't said be careful. 's be careful here are some of the ones says the major principles of the hays code no picture shelby be produced which will lower the moral standards of those who see it. Okay hence. The sympathy of the audience will never be thrown to the side of crime wrongdoing evil or sin which is a problem because when monster movies originally came out they made you feel sympathetic towards the monsters every single way. Yeah like you look at dracula you look at wolfman you look at frankenstein. You look at the opera. Like they're all you feel for the bad guy right so that caused a lot of issues correct standards of life Requirements of drama shall be presented law natural or human shall not be ridiculed nor shall sympathy be created for its violation. There prohibitions on nudity suggestive dances discussions of psycho sexual perversity Superfluous use of liquor ridiculing religion lustful kissing o. scenes of passion some like it hot Which was out in. Nineteen fifty nine was released without certification a certificate of approval from the production code administration. But that was kind of like the first nail in the coffin for the hays code because it got overwhelmingly successful so therefore it weakened the authority of the code because the code was like these moral high standards and here comes a movie that was accessible without following. The code was made me so like betty boop had to wear a longer skirt during the hays code time..

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