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FBI's most wanted list. As a $5 million bounty on his head and is believed to still be holding at least one American hostage. We have a crash on the 7 10 in Long Beach to roll over Crash 7 10 Freeway northbound right before the 91. CHP has been working on this for a while. It's on the right shoulder traffic slow overall, just coming out of Long Beach. That SUV was on its roof. Now it's on its wheels, so hopefully that will be out of your way shortly. Right around the corner, 7 10 found just passed Florence and injury. Crash on the right shoulder, getting attention as well. Michael Brian, checking out things in Baldwin Park Fly in the sky, sponsored by injury, a turning superwoman super lawyer dot com at welders struggles for the 6565 North Valley Boulevard just a little before the 10. It's like a problem with the number two lane there quickly backing up well through Hacienda Heights. In fact, it's well back into the normal slowing that starts. Way back at the one fives or extra tight there around 65 Telegraph Looks like an earlier problems cleared there that seems to be adding for soiling or to soiling from Valley Boulevard the way down to for five. There's still a problem up into the Baldwin Park actually should say into Arcadia. That's a to 10 eastbound at just about looks like about weight of Vista. Clear to the right shoulder there. That's adding a lot of swing starting in downtown Pasadena Stays tough out through Azusa Injured in an accident is a superwoman super lawyer. Com Michael Brian KF eye in the sky kl five and the sky helps get you there faster! I'm Will Kohlschreiber Impact. Mortgage gardenia cash call mortgage in the last 91 to 8 to 31 Glass Englander not licensed in all states, including New York offer based on loans over $250,000 call 855657 99 10 for licensing terms and restrictions..

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