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You need or Ragnar gripe. No Spiderman homecoming Spiderman homecoming your rights. Thor ragnarok. Yeah as important it is important because it leads directly into offenders in in in defended the game, an an all this. I'd go Black Panther. Okay. Offenders Infinity war Chris today twenty nineteen and then I would go out of the wasp. I know much maligned in this room, but hey, it's a bit of it's an Elmore Leonard, Ian blast. And and then I would go cut marvel captain marvel marvel captain marvel sister's doing it for themselves and I'd finish off with ventures. Again. That's why would do that's strategy are the one films. I think you should catch up with before you, see eventually. All right. Just a couple more questions. Pete Turner asks what in the World Cup marvel ever do in the future that could be more of a massive offense than endgame, and I'd like to see a Logan style. Eighteen rated R movie where it gets really swearing and find no. Just know as we're going to talk about it later in the podcast. I think going swearing violence for own sake is not necessarily always winning strategy. Fuck no. I mean, I in terms of what mobile can do next to outdo endgame. Whatever that's going to be. It's going to be so many years down the line. The the reason then game is a big deal is because it's paying off on such a long kind of amount of storytelling. So I think we can't even picture will that's going to be yet because we need to be invested in doctor strange and Black Panther and kept a mobile to the same extent as we are to the OG of NGOs this time, assuming that they even survive, and we don't know right now as bozeman keeps telling people he's dead under SuperNet a few people have sent what would we do? If endgame sucks. You know, what we made it through this far we can cope, it'll be painful and difficult is it bad. The I really don't think it will genuinely feel like that team have our trust for a reason. So I mean, if you looked into so fourteen million possible futures, I can't imagine that many of them were endgame ends up being disappointing. Nephew. I mean in forty million 'cause you got imagine just one word started by like a singing dog or something. Yeah. Mckee? Because the singing talk was on the face. Second choice. An original producer on supernatural. Thank you very much. Okay. All right at a underscore Alba's URS asks if a genie told you you could put an end to Brexit but in exchange, you could never watch endgame. Would you do it? I can't believe you've actually taken this on to think about it. Yes. I would end Brexit. I'm just I'm just I'm just like are people allowed to like explain and game to me like talk me through it. Tell me what happened. Can I read the Wikipedia spoiler page. I dunno will Helen whatever lay say fifty two percent..

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