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The name lag the black was born dies tonight although he recently had his real name legally changed K. degree being that he had some trouble with the law the legal name changes meant to help them start fresh in terms of his stage name he said it started with a childhood nickname black he says that as an artist he always quote stays flashing flashing like a Kodak camera there's nothing you're going to see or hear that is not going to be political there's a lot at stake here from the very beginning when Donald Trump took office I said he has four five forces working against him they got Liberal Democrats the never gonna I I'm certain of Donald Trump gave every American ten million dollars in short cancer they still criticize and they find a way to criticize and so there's there's nothing productive that they are offering three talk radio twelve ten W. P. H. T. Sean Hannity conservatism warps some of you doubted that trump would do all of these things trade deals getting NATO to pay their fair share of Parada Mexico it's amazing and I've known him for so many years which is why I confidently I could tell you he would keep his promises and governed as a conservative which is done I've been proven right and he's not given up at all three six talk radio twelve P. H. T. hi it's Jeannie progresses employee of the month to month in a row leave a message at the hi Jamie hit me Danny I just had a new idea for our song what the name your price tool so when it's like tell us what you want to pay Hey hearing from bone was what wine you say well be fine coverage options to fit your budget then we just all the fingers now small choir goes even coming after they've come at jet yes no maybe anyway see a practice tonight.

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