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I'm Robin banks and my apologies this morning. It was Leslie low-power you go. She was so cute. And you've got to watch. Maybe they'll do it again. Okay. All right. See you later. Let's get back now. To ABC. Stephanie Ramos, President Trump and Burbank Representative Adam Schiff, it's not like there's been any real, you know, like love between those two bromance to speak of. I don't see them like going out for beers anytime soon, but you know, words, like partisan ridiculous hack. Just some of the stuff that was tossed around yesterday. So why let's ask Stephanie this morning. Hey, how's it going Stephanie? Hey, good morning. Something else that was tossed in their presidential harassment, the president mentioning that this morning on Twitter. So we're just about eight days away from possible government shutdown, right? And both sides are trying to negotiate but House Democrats are now moving forward today actually with multiple investigations of the Trump White House. And this the president is not happy about this. The house intelligence committee chairman, of course, congressman Adam Schiff, the committee announced a new investigation into the president his family, his finances, Russia and more. They're trying to get those tax returns. Also and the president again is doesn't like it. He tweeted this morning. Thing. So now congressman Adam Schiff announces having found zero Russian collusion that he is going to be looking at every aspect of my life. Both financial personal even though there's no reason to be doing so never happened before unlimited presidential harassment. So we'll see if the president mentions any of this this morning. He's expected to speak in just a few minutes at the two thousand nineteen national prayer breakfast. So their relationships still rocky will in the president even hinted, it this, you know, with his speech with the state of the union address where within that speech. He mentioned how you know that the partisan forget exactly what his wording was. But in other words partisan investigations were. And that you know, he just wanted to keep, you know, working on the good of the US, but these partisan investigations were sort of the making everything stutter step because he kept to work on those in the meantime, right, and and house speaker Nancy Pelosi to that called it basically in an all out threat. When when he mentioned during the state of the union that. The lawmakers Democrats should should let go of all the all of these investigations. But I mean, there's lawmakers especially Democrats villas, oh, though, they're still so much to look into that. There's just so many unanswered questions that they the bills. So they have to do this in their starting with the tax returns today. Still is it is the president. Right. When he says, hey, you know, I am being harassed as the president. No other president had to go through this. Or is it just that he as a businessman had ventures that other presidents didn't have and therefore there is more to look into you. Then stay with other presidents. I think many lawmakers on Capitol Hill would say it's the latter. You know, he'd seeds definitely a different type of president definitely had has has a different background and many of the steps that past presidents would have taken for instance, releasing their tax returns. They've all done it. He hasn't done. And in addition to other revelations that have happened over the last two years. So this is why it seems as though Adam Schiff. Seems believes it's necessary to dig further because when they do dig further or the special counsel digs further, they do uncover instances that shouldn't be happening or or have happened within the Trump administration. All right. We'll see if the president does mention it later this morning seventy thanks for the update. Thanks for having me. All right. Have a great day. See later, that's ABC's. Stephanie Ramos, and we'll keep an eye on that for you. And again, I I think that's a little bit later this morning. So should anything come out of that? I'll get you the information during handle show police in Rancho Cucamonga I've been investigating whether a couple arrested for sexually abusing a child may have abused others. Police searched the home of Jason Whitney and Melinda. Smith. They found their bedroom was set up for porn, filming webcasting detective Donald patent says the couple is accused of abusing a girl younger than ten over. The course of four months at this time. We we have not located any videotapes were still going through the magnitude of the evidence says Smith is a porn actress and Whitney's appoint director. And producer in the couple may have crossed into child pornography. Our concern is that there are potential other victims Kansas cops also found guns and math in the house in Rancho Cucamonga, Kris Ankarlo, KFI news. Detectives in Orange County are trying to figure out if an ex teacher solicited more teenage girls for sex the Mann's accused of offering we'd to a couple of underage girls last month to try and get them into his SUV and garden grove, the girls ran off after taking a picture of the car, very smart of them, girls sip. You're listening wait ago. Police say that picture help them track down the man. The Santa Ana school district has fired him. Authorities in Glendale had been piecing together at events that led up to an apparent murder-suicide Glendale police spokeswoman tahnee Lightfoot says the original call came in about three thirty yesterday morning. We do have cell phone records of that caller, and we are investigating the individual. And where that call came from at this time Lightfoot says a man in his fifties was found dead in a town house in the north woods village complex, another man in his fifties was found less than an. Hour later that man had apparently jumped to his death onto the one thirty four freeway. The relationship between the men though has not been confirmed. First responders say a new text to nine one one system in Orange County will help those unable to make a call in an emergency OC Fire Authority chief Brian fantasy says the system also helps the death community is critical that they have a way to easily get help from law enforcement or the fire department. They now have that it's worth repeating call. If you can text if you can only tax can be sent to nine one one so users can't send videos pictures or group chats, but cops say just like calling nine one one texting nine one one. When it's not an emergency is a crime a man stabbed near the Chiltern theater in Koreatown has run into the theater looking for help. The man was stabbed Tuesday night. While the world turn ways staging van Morrison concert across the street. It was taken to the hospital and police quickly found the.

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