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Ended today in Lordstown in General Motors says they know today was an emotional one for all of their workers. Ohio lawmaker's. Meanwhile, put the closer of that plant and the loss of over one thousand jobs front and center at the state house. Members of the Ohio house passed a concurrent resolution, reminding GM they are welcome and needed in the Mahoning valley state rep Michael O'Brien award democrat on the house floor from nineteen sixty six to nineteen ninety seven ten million seven hundred and twenty seven thousand five hundred and forty seven cars were produced at that plant rep Don manning, a new Middletown Republican, I don't like the term rather rust belt. We are the proud people of the steel valley. US senators, Rob Portman and Sherrod Brown. Also echoing today that it is a sad day for Ohio at the state house. Jared alad NewsRadio six ten WTVN. The plant has produced more than two hundred and fifty million dollars in wages annually and GM has received more than sixty million dollars in tax credits from the state over the past decade, the last Chevy Cruz came off the assembly line today as production of that vehicle now shifts to Mexico. Granville police. Say keep your hands on the wheel and off the cell phone new permanent signs are being posted around the village warning drivers to stay off their mobile devices while behind the wheel as Nathan's lies about to go into effect. It restricts a cell phone use and is named Nathan's law after Ohio national guard, captain Nathan Richardson who was killed in two thousand fourteen by distracted driver while he changed a tire on I seventy seven Amazon is planning to close all of their pop up.

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