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With Kimmy Klein and at the moment. No major blocking issues to report. There wasn't earlier stalled vehicle Mountlake terrace on southbound I five at that's cleared out of the way. Otherwise things are busy in Seattle south five starting at Lake City and then heavy around the fife curve from highway eighteen one six seven though that's just as tough into the south end four oh five had an earlier accident northeast forty fourth headed southbound that's been cleared. But it's a slow drive from five twenty all the way to one six seven in Everett is a struggle north five north of one hundred twelve all the way up towards fourth in Marysville. This report brought to you by the everettclinic. Your sinuses are a real pain. The Everett clinic cares for that see an ear nose and throat specialist or benefit from more than forty other specialties go to care for that dot com. Kiro radio realtime traffic, I'm Kimmy Klein now from Cairo radio news room streaming on the KIRO radio. Jio app. State Representative John Lubbock is vehemently denying decades-old allegations that he sexually abused his children opponent Republican. Jeff Sachs posted old court documents online that show love was investigated. But never charged in an exclusive interview on the Dory. Monson show Lubbock says the original claims were the result of a nasty divorce. I believe she was fourteen years old when when a statement was written, and if you look at the document, it was actually written by someone else in my daughter, put her signature on it. That's that's that's just the fact Lubbock was formerly the Snohomish county sheriff county executive and a longtime state trooper he currently represents the forty fourth legislative district. It's official summer break is over into coma. The teacher's union ratified a new contract agreement in a nearly unanimous vote today ending their week-long strike. I heard several people that this was going to be life changing money for them. And it's exciting to me that our state has found a way to fund a professional way. Wage for professional educators union president angel. Morton says most staff will see about a fourteen percent raise classes in the district will start Monday. Meanwhile, teachers into com- are hoping for a new tentative contract by the end of the weekend right now, the union is meeting with the district on their latest proposal new rules for gun owners in Seattle mayor Jenny Durkan says gun owners will be required to keep their weapons in.

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