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That is the kind of thing where i may think it's dumb but you can find stuff like that in stores all over the place and if that exact thing doesn't already exist that's a good idea rape and only lorry of qvc valued that idea at all because she thinks like a person who watches qvc whereas mark cuban tries to think like a tech investor and like sometimes they've had as a guest chris sokha who will come in and start talking about how he was an early investor in october and all this other stuff and he laying every five seconds process got as remind you back when i was investing in error early on whereas lorry does have this she's slightly more interested in kind of massproduced consumer on the one hand you could say junk and on the other hand you could say things people wish to buy you'll see her pop up sometimes in tv commercials for things there's one with like a fitness board that you do us dondo and you can see her on her because she went for the plastic twisty board and there is a difference between the ones who are going for the thing that's like this is a super exciting product and laurie who's like i'm gonna solve is on qvc i'm gonna put those in walmart and i'm going to sell an absolute squarely in of them and i would not be surprised if on a like how many people actually by the thing if she's like the massively lows he successful one not necessarily in terms of i'm of money but number of purchasers of the things i do like the way you can kind of predict the motivations of each person with each product and i i enjoy kind of doing the equations in my head if like mark cubans going to go for that because more cuban is a billionaire who wants to be loved this is abuse and this product fuels noble or at like you said about lorry like she she will be able to sell that an qvc or demon john will be interested because it is something to do with fishing.

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