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You know, Like I knew I wanted to get into the pro game, the NBA game and then you know, went to the assistant route. Obviously that and then got two opportunities. As a head coach of the NBA level, and I didn't think Jim that it would be very easy to get a third track at it. So I wanted to reinvent to recreate my career. However, you want to word it. And I wanted to do the college game and kind of in between going from the MBA. You know to college instead of going back as an MBA assistant, cause I had a great opportunity with Flip Saunders, who had played for my dad was actually part owner of the T Wolves. Um, and a guy that I had emulated growing up. When I didn't go join. Flip is an assistant. You know, the college game was a new challenge. It was different I had done to national teams, Dominican Republic and Venezuela, and so You know your juices get going when you have a new opportunity and and a new challenge, And so there's not many people that have coached at the pro level coached overseas, you know, coach that the NBA level coached at the D League level. S O. I love new challenges and in a great spot here in Arkansas, for sure. Arkansas head basketball coach Eric Musselman joining me for a few more moments so much last season, You had four scholarship players over 65. None over 68 this year. You've got a lot more height. As you've said, The team's gonna look a lot different getting off the bus. How much different is that gonna make you on the court? Well, we're a lot different. You know, we're a deeper team. Um, you know, last year I let two guys pretty much you know. Freestyle, Mason Jones and And Isaiah Joe. One was drafted by Philly and Isaiah Joe. Their basic Jones signed a contract with the Houston Rockets. And and and Really, we were undersized. We were horrific on the backboards. Andre. We knew that the only way we could survive was take away our opponents three point shot from a philosophical standpoint, we led the nation in defending the three This year. We're bigger. You know, we kind of an over seven. Put three transfer from the Cal Bears. Hey, had six blocks the other night. We pride didn't have six blocks the whole year last year, so We are a different team, but but we're still evolving in a lot of ways as well. Last year when you have a smaller rotation, Jim, it's really interesting. When you have a small rotation, it's really easy. Quickly form rules. When you have more depth, it becomes much more challenging to try to figure out roles, and I also think it's more difficult for the individual players when you have a deeper team. You could be. It gets subbed out of games, quick or so on and so forth. So there's a lot of things that go into having Morris on your roster that maybe you don't. You know, the public doesn't really understand. Eric Musselman. Joining me must something else. You been breaking out shirts? And masks for different teams in different sports. This year, Like one day, it'll be the Steelers Another day at the Orlando Magic. Another day, It's the Birmingham rumble ponies. What you process behind that. How much fun are you having with that? You know, obviously here if your head coach in the NBA a You're not going to do that, and I got my wife she kind of self checks me every day like, Are you serious? You're walking out of here Do England Patriots shirt Mass today, but The bottom line on this thing in our world. Social media so powerful and I'm not worried about connecting with a, you know, 55 year old n ba G m. I'm worried about connecting With a 17 year old high school player, and I'm trying to figure out like what conversation pieces can I have? Uh And so a lot of our social media stuff is based on solely on How do we connect? How are we different? And it started off really? Just, you know, with the pandemic Like, how do we encourage people to wear masks? And then you know, have a little bit of fun with it. And you know it started off one or two teams would send something in that now, almost every day when when the mail comes to our office were like high. You know, who's it gonna be it? We've had some fun with it, because because there's been a lot of stuff that have been shipped to us that we never even reached out to certain. You know, programs or organizations must one last thing you mentioned Daniel, I wanna ask you like Seth Greenberg and I would talk about this. His wife, Karen, obviously was so important what he did in the program and the way she connected with the players and how much she was a factor in what he did like She loved it. I don't care and missed it. When stuff has gone on has become a brilliant broadcaster. What about Daniel? How important is she to what you do and the team and how much did she enjoy it because she also had a really successful career herself. No, she's a huge part of our number once is a huge part of our recruiting. Um, you know, when we have recruits in their parents over to our house, she's way more valuable than I am. On divan do our current team because of her experience, you know, working for NFL network on air working for ESPN on Air. Um, you know, she is able to watch one of our players do an interview. Post game and then send them attacks. And say, Hey, um, you got five minutes where we could talk, you know, and she could give some helpful hints, um, on, you know how to conduct an interview and and that's really important for student athletes that are young and inspired toe, have a camera or a microphone in front of their face and wanna play beyond You know college, so she's really instrumental in a lot of different areas, and you know, after the game she's able to, you know, see a parent who may be the player didn't play as much and say, Hey, you know, we still love him and You know, we still believe in him and so on and so forth, so and she's brilliant with you know with helping me with social Media stuff is well, good stuff. Head basketball coach in Arkansas in his second season, they're coming out that 21 season. Arkansas is to know you. T A is at Arkansas tomorrow night. Good friend of mine. Eric Musselman must great to hear your voice. Great to hear you back back on the program. As always, Good luck with it gladly get caught up. J. R. It's awesome catching up. Thanks for having me in the just go. It's the best. Thank you so much. He must you are the best Eric Musselman. And when he mentioned that he was the GM of the rapid city thrillers he was when he was 23. That's when we met. When we were both 23 so hope you enjoyed that conversation's much as I did when we come back..

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