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About the three who were in the lead which is obviously Joe Biden was a bit boring in Bernie Sanders and the concern among but democratic leaders is that by two and floppy seventy six right now and he has proven that he is in fact the death machine Newman senior columnist at Yahoo finance weighs in on the remaining democratic field in about twenty five minutes some Republicans on Capitol Hill one released the identity of the whistle blower whose complaint set off the presidential impeachment inquiry in recent days several conservative publications have named a person that they speculate is the whistle blower Kentucky senator rand Paul and others have shared links on Twitter to those articles on Twitter yesterday president trump called for the whistle blowers ID to be revealed well I gave a very inaccurate report that as you know certain of the media released information about a man that they said was the whistle blower I don't know if that's true or not but what they set a seasonal bomb of the Wall Street journal and others have previously reported the whistle blower was a CIA officer meanwhile a lawyer for the anonymous whistle blower now says his client is willing to answer written questions submitted by house Republicans and separately Robert Blair one of the top national security aides for the White House will not appear today to testify as scheduled before house lawmakers California firefighters made progress over the weekend in controlling a series of wild fires up and down the state in southern California officials say the Marie a fire near Santa Paula was fifty percent contained crews were still assessing damage the Maria fire which began Thursday at threaten nearby avocado and citrus orchards in eighteen hundred structures forcing seventy five hundred people to evacuate but Ventura county fire department division chief John Spiderman search crews got help from cooler temperatures and lighter winds right now those evacuation orders as well as those road closures of all been lifted all other large fires monitored by cal fire were seventy six percent or more contained including the massive Kincaid fire north of San Francisco which burned more than seventy seven thousand acres the fire didn't spread overnight Saturday into Sunday leading cinema county fire officials to continue lifting evacuations cal fire says three hundred seventy two structures have been destroyed their McDonald's has fired CEO Steve Easterbrook over a consensual relationship with an employee details from this morning's might Gavin in an email to employees yesterday Mr Easterbrook apologized and acknowledged that he violated company policy on personal conduct it is four and a half years as CEO he acted several changes like committing to switch the cage free eggs antibiotic free chicken and hormone free milk he also raise pay above minimum wage Mister Easterbrook who's fifty two years old and divorced receive sixteen million dollars in total compensation last year during his tenure the company's shares nearly doubled in value but traffic in restaurants have stagnated Gordon thanks Mike McDonald shares up nine percent this year have trailed the broader S. and P. index tracking restaurants Mickey's faces more challenges to labor organizer and some lawmakers have called on the company to address workplace harassment issues and raise its minimum wage to fifteen Bucks.

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