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Out there so you want to be sure eastern made medical center in bangor and now inland hospital in waterville there together now they don't take the united healthcare medicare advantage plans go and it's really interesting you bring that peace up because who would have thought about it uh my my wife's uh uh health insurance plan is anthem blue cross that's a pretty standard wynia's am here now sowell when she went to have her first surgery last april she was going through all the pre opt staff and she was headed down to the hospital on preab day a n she gets a phone call from the hospital we're sorry we just realized meena murcie habitat mercy i don't remember which hospital she added at now think it was me mad must remain yet was may not so mercy didn't take the plan and what we found out was a deal had been made when the when the plan was constructed um so that mean that got it all and who would've thought that an anthem blue cross plan wooden have tape wouldn't be covered you know taken everywhere right but it isn't and that those are things that you had a check ahead of time in it would so that you don't have those surprises now uh but yeah it it is it's just really a you know ad i should clarify what i just said about you know a inland hospital in eastern me they will take united healthcare medicare plans but it's out of networks so that means if someone has that land they're going to pay a higher right they're gonna pay a higher amount in that work right yeah exactly uh it's all crazy which is why they need your job well and while not just me if you if you have an age where every why should go 'cause john's not overworked enough.

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