Anthony Scaramucci, President Trump, BBC discussed on Global News Podcast - Charlottesville: White House Defends Trump Response


Anthony scaramucci on abc news just how universal though has criticism of the president been within his own party a question the bbc's julian marshall put to the republican post up frank luntz i wouldn't say it's been universal i think it's been disappointing for many republicans who felt that he should have come out more strongly and more forcefully declaring what is and is not acceptable but this president has never been has never received any kind of support our understanding for any of the messaging that he's done ejustice it's speak like any other presidents he doesn't communicate like any other presidents his own supporters have appreciated it is opponents at hated it and some republicans have been supportive him some have not i mean he won office spy building a coalition very broadly of from traditional small government republicans evangelical nativist sindh largely white disaffected working clause photos how much of that coalition do think would appreciate mr trump's lack of specific criticism of what supremacists well you have to remember that trump actually did better among african americans and mitt romney did at each it better among latinos then rama did in fact it did better among women so trump's coalition is broader than people realize but that set in times like this whether your george w bush barack obama in times like this you are clear and explicit in your condemnation if you read the tweet that trump send out it was direct and it was tough but it was not as explicit and not as condemning as many people would have wished.

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