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Now this was a special addressable in the state of the Union. This was a special president wanted to do in September of two thousand eleven twelve so we're a bear I'm talking about this rally golf and and thank goodness of my my staff told me a Mike was the presence might pick it up this whole conversation. Thank God talking about golf. I could have been talking about yeah was such asshole. Worse staff was saying that they could hear your conversation but they couldn't get a hold of you to tell it was on and they were like thank God. He's talking like if I told US hand signals and I think that's a beautiful spot doc the to really start because your story is very very interesting. I think that there's a lot of people in politics who grew up in very silver spoon type of situations. It was just natural them to be in politics. Your story is so different from that in starting with you being the speaker of the House talking to the vice president on a first first name basis just bullshitting about golf when you were a young boy growing up in your father was running a bar and owning a bar. There's no way that those things went through your mind correct so no no I never we never talk politics in our house. I think about politics and we were Kennedy Democrats but you know there's no real discussion about it and you know I've got eight brothers. Three sisters and my parents were there other. My grandmother moved him mm-hmm. We have fifteen people in a house with two bedrooms and that's where I learned politicking. You have the the working for a couple of years. They had these three bedrooms three bedrooms and finally my parents got their own room. They used to sleep on a couch for fifteen years probably and my grandmother got than girls got a robe and the younger boys were among the older boys another room but we only have one bathroom some middle write the book and one morning this spring. We spent a whole morning talking about growing up couple of thinking about it and I thought wow I just revelation. I don't think I ever remember growing up and get download the bath tub or the shower and dry off with a dry town yeah how how damp was it right ensure that at that time you might have got an in with the freshwater like you probably they use somebody else's too. Although we didn't have city water we were in the city but up on a hill so we had a sister we had oh well but the well went dry so we had a sister so we collect Rambaud or off the roof which worked most of the year but when you got to August September you had to go by water under water trucking up dump water but as I found a couple of lessons I needed to learn to be speaker of the House learned growing up and I grew up in a big family learning to get along with each other and get things done together Europe in a bar after learn to the art of being able to disagree without being disagreeable drunks me sitting there all night at the bar and you're right so you don't I want to agree with him to develop the to be able to disagree without being disagreeable right now. They have a lesson you learn you have to learn to deal with every jackass will walks in the door. The I watched my dad do this at some point in your life. Look back and wonder why you are who you are. I watched by DAB treat every personal walked up our as a customer it doesn't matter whether they were CEO or are they were some labor the matter what color they were and it was a great lesson for me looking back and trying to figure out why I am the way I right but when you're speaker Laos trust me you need to know the order to be able to disagree without being disagreeable and you need to learn to to deal with every jackass walks in the door and we ought to walk through the story that got you to that position as well. This is obviously a military podcast. We delve elven politics a little bit but it always has a touch of military side to it as well. You grew up whenever you're young men. The war in Vietnam was going on and and as the son of a bar owner you didn't have the money necessarily to get a deferment like no no I I got up by papers to get my physical and when I got my physical in nineteen sixty nine while I was there I went by Navy recruiting office was there and they had a program for equipment heavy equipment operators and in the CB's so I went and talked to this recruiter you gave me this wine but no basic training a- Bob and then I'd have to take this test why you want to take this test drive heavy equipment house reverend bulldozers loaders and backhoes thing and stuff like that and I I had every job you could ever imagine to make a nickel. I worked at my dad's bar growing up I worked for a couple of different roofing companies you they could make a buck. There was never a day of my life. I didn't have a job right until I retire from Congress one day of my life. I didn't have a job all right so I decided all right. I'M GONNA sign up was a two and a half year enlistment going to be a CB so and the CB's underrated crazy bunch of folks yeah but k. both in our MP's background and trade but the barracks were they go to initial boot camp now is at Fort Leonard Missouri and their barracks was right across the barracks from us and they would sometimes be out earlier than the Marines and these people in the navy screaming. CB's can't do like literally all Dan do they are so often Gulfport Mississippi and those old would barracks. There's a seabass down there and were there a couple of days and all of a sudden Hurricane Camille comes rolling through town. I remember watching a guy jump off of dock down to a parking lot except he didn't go down he floated out there about thirty feet before his feet every hard to the ground so we spend what do you mean started training and we spend three or four days looking for bodies doing rescue we were just people may well. I've got this bad back of Adam for fifty years and my back started acting I'm saying I can't move and so they. They're trying to figure out what's wrong. I spend six weeks ago six Lehmann Lazy Company and that we're sick there were laying there were finally after I don't know I was in the navy about three months. It sent me home yeah and that's what the army was going to draft me because we take them or are you are you. They tell me you know the draft listen. The army has different medical standards than the navy good for us while vizier. I want by find this recruiter sure to give them my two cents worth about no basic training and yep this is all nonsense and so now held draft me. He's he's a Nana. That's not going to happen and the guy took care of me but you know I I want him to go. Run heavy equipment do do my part for the war. My father served my uncle's observe. My grandfather got gas in World War One wow and in France and and one thousand nine hundred eighty they sent him home telling me gotta move out in the country so moved out bought those places where where I grew up and and he was one of the original health food nuts he he had truck every vitamin known to man and he died in nineteen seventy two you who am I gosh and his grandsons rippin heaters over here you paul he would be a good story for anybody out there. Listening who's been tricked picked by a recruiter which is all of us worry. This guy got tricks as well houses trick by your dirty ass crew right. You're not alone. There are definitely not alone. You went on after you went to the Navy and you've got out of the navy. Then you went to Xavier. I finally was nineteen. Seventy seventy one driving a bulldozer pushing a a big pay on their bill nye seventy four out of Cincinnati water water splashing up January water splashing up on me freezing but I was also a football basketball referee and so basketball season and my my mentor that I worked with was an accounting professor Xavier University so what night Saturday night after a game we're we're all all the officials on the east side since I would go place called Kenwood tavern and we'd sit around the breeze and he said to me painter. You need to get your butt back in school. I say I'd love to but you know I. I just can't afford it much money. You probably scrapie the other four hundred dollars. He's you get nine credit hours for four hundred fifty dollars Xavier and we start Tuesday so Monday I run around and grab transcripts manuscripts from high school at one quarter at University of Cincinnati and I walk into Father Buchanan's office. The registrars Aviary looks at this it says why are you here. I wasn't like some great student right. I saw I saw mimicked deal with him. Let me take three classes Monday. Wednesday Friday take Monday morning I can work those afternoons and I can work all day Tuesday Thursday Thursday and Saturday and you know if it doesn't work out rage aren't good all right. I'm gone why got to be so father. Be cancels another semester rudy all no no no no Joe Trust me. I can't watch rudy. I will cry the movie the Tissues Watch because I am rudy can I I always wanted to go to today. I was not smart art nor was I good enough athlete. I'm a big time cryer too and my family gives me so much shit about it. I give my daughter's scores a goal playing soccer. I'm teared up if she does well planned Tuba. I'm teared up. I love it shows. Passionate Astros are strong man this show every cryer in America knows me because they came came up to me and go. Hey I like you. I cry to know it's Unbelie so anyway I I spend a year fulltime Xavier and but I I just can't I can't can't make enough money so I decided to go to night school so I've finished up at night but along the way I get involved in this small business in the packaging plastics business. My partner was seventy three. I'm twenty five. He dies and I'm still in school school but I'm trying to hold this business together. We have one customer. That's all I hold together a graduated from Xavier and about a month later we've built a house small house out in northern Cincinnati Westchester Weill and my neighbors got me involved in my neighborhood homeowners association Asian so you became the worst person in the world flags tells hung up on your old skills growing growing up you know it was very successful. I was able to solve problems without without angering people get myself upset anyway the next thing you know I'm the speaker of yeah. This is not going to do with my life. Jump it kind of made to do that was doing and I was township trustee State Rep. I'd still running my business until nineteen ninety when I went to Congress and then I've spent twenty five years coming to Washington and leave him Washington every week. I never lived.

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