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I mean, that would be real cause for for an FTC's slapdown if they blocked competitors website. So I would be surprised if they were blocking it, but where is it block. You up dated your router. So you know the routers, not blocking it. And the PlayStation VUE service on the Roku is working again. So we've got that next. If I go to try to access, say station their website. When I tried to log in, I get repeated that by name and password isn't correct. And try to multiple times. I know it's correct. Yeah. I would say this is now not Cox, but probably has more to do with PlayStation VUE. And you've tried it on multiple computers? Yeah, yeah. Now, the interesting thing is when I try to access it on my cell phone browser, and I'm not using my wifi. I can access there really is maybe Cox's blocking it. Oh, really? Yeah, very confusing. That's interesting. Cox was kind of misrepresenting. I'm sure they block some stuff. Everybody does might have been misrepresenting that, but they would be really in trouble if they started blocking competitor like PlayStation. That'd be a big deal. PlayStation views, tech support suggested that I call concentrate to get them to unblock the IP address. Well, now it's not that it's blocked. You can get to the website, right? But you just can't enter the password. Correct. So that's not blocked. Okay. If you're getting the images from the PlayStation VUE site, that's not blocked. I don't know what's going on. With your password, but that's something that's that's a separate thing. And honestly, I don't think that has anything to do with Cox at all. Okay. So I'm not sure what that has to do with if stewing it on multiple computers, but then you can log in on your phone. That's that's on. That is really odd. I don't know..

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