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Of news this week? Kurna virus all the states closing down gun stores and then opening them back up and everything else. You probably missed the story because the media completely missed it but this is good news. The National Shooting Sports Foundation unready from their releases pleased to report that UNINTENTIONAL FIREARMS FATALITIES. That would be gun. Accidents that result in death reach their lowest level. Adver according to the latest data from the National Safety Council's just-released Injury Factor. Report of two thousand eighteen. Again they've been keeping this record. These records nine hundred three so we have one hundred million gun owners we have. We don't know how many firearms we have in the country and accidental gunshot deaths are at the lowest point ever in more than one hundred years. Not The rate this is important not to rate the actual number millions and millions and millions more guns if your gun deaths accident gun deaths so those who keep saying the only way to really reduce this to get rid of guns is to reduce the number of guns actually empirically that is incorrect. I'm trying to be kind here. Let's our top down to PICK UP JUNE ON LINE FOUR OUT OF HURRICANE UTAH June. Thank you for your patience year on gun talk. How can we help you Actually I wanted to make a comment about The the number of guns disappearing from customers. It's happening here too but we have gone stuff. You start still open a hardware and I still got guns but my point is I am eighty years. I didn't pick up a gun. Did Not have gun shooting in family. Until I was seventy two sound love with it and somebody competing In tactical pistol and then went to three gun and the kind of the highlight of my career about a year and a half ago was competing in the national three guns. But my point is that women Should not be afraid to get into it. No matter how old they are. And it's a it's a really good thing to do to keep your mental acuity sharp because you're learning something new and you're having to figure things out and think about it. It's really important for us as we age to keep that Mental Acuity going another little tip and I am an NRA PISTOL. Instructor is I I don't mean to be mean but it's really best at the husband does not teach the way to handle the absolutely through the husband. You cannot participate this you cannot teach them. You need to go somewhere else. Yes exactly because number one. They tend to choose a gun because it's smaller and that doesn't mean that was less especially if you're talking to revolver and number two they they think it's okay. They don't the noise does not bother them. And if you take a woman to the rain and she hasn't shopped before here's all that noise that is gonNA turn her off. I don't care if she gets to shoot or not. So the best thing to do is what your previous caller said is handled a gun at home. Don't use a target. Do the dry firing teach muggle position. Teach finger off the trigger all of those things not at the range because and then and then if possible if you can give a small twenty two pistol to use or even a rifle attend. Twenty two because of noises is minimal Doesn't start with and I just leaving some tips out there. Okay also June June. I'm just thinking they can find a mentor. Particularly a woman instructor. That's huge. Yes yeah it helps seven I think is not essential but it helps the woman. Being taught is more comfortable that way. You are my hero. I'm just telling you eight years old. And she didn't competitively for eight years fabulous. I mean terrific. You call back anytime you want. Okay you have a welcoming open line here okay. Well that sounds good. You'd be safe out there. Thank you so much. Oh my gosh do not love that. She's ABC started shooting at seventy two. She went to the national's three gun last year. Hey you know what it means to ask. What's your excuse? You don't have time really give me a break here. We all got time if June can do it. Anybody can do it all right. Eight six six talk gun. We're GONNA be talking more about this on the backside and as far as guns and gun safety and gun training here in the corona virus timeout..

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