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Coming up in two minutes from the plumbing heating paramedic Studios a homicide record in Indianapolis, You'll hear what one police officer is telling the public to do with all the violence that's been happening. Why Congressman Greg Pence's disgusted and why his brother is now in the bobblehead Hall of Fame. Those stories and more coming up after Fox News. You're listening to 93 WNBC, WNBC HD one Indianapolis and it's seven o'clock. Trump did not win. I'm Dave Anthony Fox News. They awarded the Nobel Peace Prize this morning, though he hopes to get it next year. Since he's already been nominated who did win? It's Fox's Simon. No one tells his live in London. Dave. The UN's World food program has Bean recognized. The agency is praised for its efforts to combat hunger, particularly in conflict zones, and particularly during the Corona virus outbreak until the day we have a vaccine. Food is the best vaccine against chaos. The chair of the Norwegian Nobel Committe, Barrett try Sanderson calls for international cooperation. The program's director, former South Carolina governor David Beasley, says the award is deeply humbling. Dave Simon back to the president, he says he feels good. I think I'm going to try doing a rally on Saturday night. If we can we have enough time to put it together, he told Fox's Hannity. There's little sign of covert infection anymore. If an anti plans a test today, and the president again last night, said he will not take part in next week's debate in Miami after was changed a virtual not in person anymore. I'm not Joe, but I'm not going to do a virtual debate sit behind a computer screen. The Trump campaign is planning a rally instead on Thursday, and Democrat Joe Biden is now planning an ABC town hall in Philadelphia that night. Michigan's Democratic governor, Gretchen Whitmer, blames the president's rhetoric in part for the Floyd plot to kidnap her over her corona virus restrictions. I knew this job would be hard. I'll be honest and never could have imagined anything like this president says It's his Justice Department that foiled the plot.

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