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I didn't have a personal connection to it. Then I moved to New York City in two thousand six the jets if you can believe it, we're the big, you know, big thing in town back then. So I couldn't believe I went with the underdogs, and then it was a very rewarding experience watching them watch win two Super Bowl. What do you think they should do with ally right now? I don't know it depends on the quarterback. They can get next year. I do think that they need to use saquon work creatively because he can do anything and looking at the plays. They run with him compl- compared to the way that Alvin Kamara is used or the way that Todd Gurley is used. I mean, the the sky's the limit with him. Yeah. I know so but you as a die-hard giant fan. Yeah. This is the person who are management is taking into account with the way that they finish things up with ally. Right. So if they do come up with say flacco or they come up with say the ability. Let's let's just say Jon Gruden and my my buddy, Mike Mayock decide Derek guy, and and they tell and they tell ally who's already declared. I wanna come back. And play where done now, would you have a problem with that? No. I think you think about the future right now. Yeah. About the future cost that's that allies getting role. I e just I don't want sake to get beat up too much in his first couple years in the NFL. I think as much as I love Eli and as much as he goes to Super Bowl what if they draft somebody I overall of they move up to that pick or they get twain Haskins from allow state depends on who you can get. I think they draft somebody high up, and it's a rookie Audio's. Yeah. I guess what? If they run it back with them unit problem with that one more time. No, I also wouldn't have a problem it, really. I mean, they were saying this year if you drafted a quarterback, not all those guys really worked out this year. It might not have been that much of an improvement though. I love say, by the way. Yeah. I think he is a once in a lifetime talent. Yeah. As as even though we we have here in Los Angeles cone up here this weekend dot girly. And you've got Zeke Elliott that's gonna Greg age. It's going to be a great game. But you've got somebody in sake w-. On who can do what we hadn't seen since. Eric dickerson. Absolutely. You know at the running back position as a rookie. He's been dynamite. At all, you gotta do is just find the right signal caller. Now, maybe it is just one more v. You know, I I wouldn't Cass myself as an authority over those things. But he's definitely the most important part of our offense fast enough of an authority Haley, Joel Osmond here on the rich Eisen show. Okay. So the the show future man, you're in it with Elisa coupe and Ed Begley junior. That's right. Glenn Headley may she rest in peace. This season is well this is now a season two of the Hulu series. That's right. Enjoyed doing brother. It's one of my favorite things I've ever done and. Yeah. Allies in I in season to the characters sort of split up and lost in the one hundred fifty years in the future and me and Elisa sort of live in my Jetsons world, high up above the wasteland of the Mad Max sort of world where Derek Josh our our stocks. Yeah. It was it was a really great experience. There's some singing and dancing. We got to do the season. And it is a seriously heavy deep dive into Sifi philosophy. I had a two and a half hour meeting with Kyle hunter are Shafii. And Ben Karlin the writers and show runners at the start of the season just explaining the plot to me, and at the end of that was like, oh, yeah. And then we get to have jokes in it too. Yeah. In the twenty one sixty two. That's right. Yeah. Then film coming out of the Sundance film festival. Extremely wicked shockingly evil and vile. What a what a title of film about Ted Bundy? I think it might be known as Zaka on Ted Bundy movie serve. Yeah..

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