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A volks let me just clear up one thing before i get to restoring opportunity to in my i covered a lot of this in a book that map palumbo and i our finishing up now about this the bockel this scandal the spying scandal but i'm still getting questions to about why the russians needed information on trump let me just simple and at ninety dumb that you're not though men wanted them though they never let me make this super simple about why the russians when it comes to a world power of parity at least weaponry wise why they would seek to accumulate an information intelligence on trump and hillary at the same time because a lot of you are looking at this and say well was he helping chopper was he hurting troppo was he helping hillary over the russians hurting hillary don't look at it that way they don't wanna help anyone they hurt everyone equally the russians just like in nuclear war intelligence at that level one people like trump and hillary look at it at night i may be a man of low conversation about this yes we look at it in terms of mutually assured destruction folks we don't have nuclear weapons in the united states exclusively for firststrike capability we have them as insurance so that no one hits us either in other words mutually assured destruction it's the russians launch on us we launch an arab world dead the russians know that we know that game theory would dictate that the russians won't launch and we won't launch because we don't want to kill each other so you may ask yourself regionally the by have the weapons because it's an insurance policy against the other guy using them folks intelligence between geopolitical foes like this works the same way with trust me we have a dossier on putin that's a real one why don't we release it.

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