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Of America's fight against one of the most barbaric insurgencies the world has ever seen a plague of brutality that would become known as ISIS that's tonight's Sunday night into Monday morning on coast to coast AM all right back to more of your questions and comments for Chris Burris of SCS research as we discuss the miracle molecule of carbon sixty right here on coast to coast AM I know you don't want some after hearing this this is an amazing story we've got Stephen and Malachi Gregory and that Nelson New Zealand I understand that Malachi who's eight almost nine years old now was suffering with not just one or two warts but I mean a significant outbreak of warts all over his body so significant it impacted his ability to to really function yeah yeah he was having trouble even holding a pencil arrive at this time okay actually that they got me thinking about it I'm not surprised it is the amazing immuno modulator and so I can see that it would work and so at what point did you see that there is actually improvement is really going to work well look we really start to notice at around twelve weeks you can say these things actually getting smaller and smaller and then going down to the with a just little red marks the whole thing's gonna be talking about once you know one the size the one I thought no way that's gonna while it's just plain ridiculous to see him get into a pair of shoes yes how wonderful it's great to see him so happy yeah absolutely wonderful intransitive saying that is blown away.

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