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Of thousands of signatures so i feel a comfortable about that but let me say on the on the issue of twenty eight teen um this is going to be the thing you alert issue in twenty eighteen that the democrats will end up losing seats on they can try to run against donald trump he's not on the ballot in california gas tax is gonna be on the ballot in california unless there reversed themselves and and also if you if you know what's happening a couple of weeks ago they pass single payer with josh newman vote in order to enact single payer they need twothirds of the legislature to enact the taxes i heard that one of the main drivers behind friday's last minute polling of single payer is the recall of josh newman the democrats are now or or or panic that aid or not going to have the votes come come time to uh a levy the taxes for single payer 'cause josh newman's gonna get fired and be they realized that there's a a an uprising happening and they they are now starting to to walk away from some of these extreme policies that they're trying to cram through all right press release that you guys are gonna start fundraising so the statewide initiative to repeal the gas in the car tax absolutely we are not done whatsoever we're gonna continue collecting signatures in the twenty nine senate district as an insurance policy against uh the changes that the democrats have made uh and then secondly we were pivoting an and working on putting the finishing touches on the initiative that we would file statewide because if the democrats don't reverse themselves in the gas tax this november um we need to make sure that this is an issue in twenty eighteen so that we take out more assembly members and more state senators um been the twenty eighteen election cycle great to organization reform california volunteers excellent excellent news banks and and and we need to spread the word because a lot of people have had stockholm syndrome and then california uh they feel like yeah we can never succeed the politicians have this all wrapped up this is the movement to get involved in so if you've haven't find up yet go to stop the car tax not a word sherritt get more of your neighbors involved because when we do the statewide initiative everybody's gonna have to help collect signatures in every single district of.

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