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Chris Norton was eighteen years old he was living the American dream playing college football break a few records the plan was to be this all American football player the the girl my dreams what his plans suddenly changed with one missed time to tackle his neck snapped paralyzing him doctors gave him a three percent chance to ever feel anything below the neck with faith Chris beat the odds after intense training he with the help of his then fiancee Emily walked across the stage to receive his diploma three years later down the aisle after waiting it was amazing deal the CM pushed past those fears and pushed past the times where he felt that doubt and then just to see the way that god used in their book the seven longest yards Emmeline Chris Norton tell the story of how god guided them to turn a tragedy into triumph they started a foundation adopted five foster children and inspired millions to never give up it's all to spread hope and the perseverance to hear more go to light house made podcast at foxnews dot com the fox on faith Lorne Greene fox news Donald trumps America president trump defending his tweet from Sunday in which he suggested for democratic Congress woman of color should go back to their countries they hate our country they hate it I think with a passion now it's possible I'm wrong the voters will decide and responding to a question from a reporter asking if he's concerned that many people saw his tweet is racist and that white nationalist groups are finding common cause with him on that point the president responded directly very simply you can leave you can leave right now come back if you want don't come back it's okay to but if you're not happy you can leave besides Democrats a growing list of Republican lawmakers including senator Tim Scott the only black Republican senator have rebuke the president over his comments Scott and his statement saying no matter our political disagreements aiming for the lowest common denominator well only divide our nation further at the White House John decker fox news.

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