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The United Kingdom with doctor Larry on president of Hillsdale college alas Hillsdale dialogue of twenty nineteen I would direct all of you the two column this morning there's not a lot of news nor what one expected to be much news on the last Friday Wednesday on a Christmas miss on a Wednesday means for most people take the next two days off but we never sleep here at the radio something might happen will be on top of the visit does will be here live and I'll be back next week with the same except on January one but I do want you to know that I'm gonna come over the Washington post which was I wrote on Christmas after all the gift giving was done in people retreated to their corners come all over I just was thinking about the the the Christianity Today editorial which was so destructive of evangelicalism in America and how they are so naive there about what the trunk judges me not just course searching Cavanaugh the justices he added the Supreme Court but just the fifty judges on the appeals court and judges on the District Court level and I pointed out that since twenty fourteen others predate strop of course we've had a half dozen cases vital to religious freedom in the United States hobby lobby town of Greece Lutheran church which was Adam Missouri master peach shaped cake shop out of Denver the national to the family life advocates wasn't a religion clauses case but it was very much about religious believers operating pro life centers that I would being obliged to advertise abortion services American Legion which is about the big cross in Bladensburg and now to case out the night circuit the court religious liberty hangs by the threat of a majority of five on the Supreme Court trump is maintain that for at least another few years nothing is permanent in a Republic he had a freedom is always one generation away from being destroyed as well Reagan said but the judges are helping and I also brought to your attention that's my column in The Washington Post got twelve hundred comments I'm sure they're all very positive right twelve hundred and sixty three comments I'm sure Duane will go and read them during the break I'm just absolutely sure their positive comments up about twelve seventy eight they rolling a lot when people wake up and they read their wash imposed on their device in the seat right there on the front page evangelical should thank trump for his judges that's the headline they pick out a picket lines but I also point you John Podhoretz is column on quitting Twitter and somehow that became a conversation online about homelessness Jack in Los Angeles hello Jack here on the you yo Chou good morning how are you I will I couldn't help thinking about sending Arya I'm an eighty two year old guy I was born in Jerusalem and I was born of an American citizen mother will happen to be a time my dad was shirtless he came to Israel because he left Germany and he had no place to go they got together and they both have been call the kibbutz what is it converted to collect it they yeah they lived in a tent they got a bed that actually work and and and and contributed they get fat that was it that's how we started and I think the dish anywhere that there where the homeless people can be put to work and start doing something to contribute to their own better well the every rehabilitation program I've ever known as involved that but I don't know if you can do it Zach called from the bay area earlier come for the drugs stay for the psychosis that's gonna haunt me for awhile and I do believe they may be beyond productive work in many cases we will see Craig in San Marino California lots of Californians up early this morning on Friday December the twenty eight good morning got a twenty seven good morning Craig good morning what are you doing I'm good I want to wish you and your family happy new year and thank you for all your hard work every day nothing and given up the end user name thank I love doing it I'm actually out of the county but thank you I am I'm forty three I grew up election.

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