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From NPR news in Washington I'm Giles Snyder members of the armed forces preparing to move the late Senator John McCain spotty from the US capital. Where he has been lying in state, MPR Scott detro- reports of motorcade is to take McCain's casket to the Washington National. Cathedral for a memorial service McCain is being sent off with, the pomp and, circumstance? Usually reserved for a commander in chief McCain's casket will be driven through Washington. Past the Vietnam memorial to the National Cathedral he's just the thirty first? American to be, granted the honor the I was. Henry, clay like McCain he. Was someone who tried, and failed multiple times to reach the White House but who left his Mark in congress as one, of the most iconic. And important lawmakers of. His era Scott detro- NPR news the, capitol former presidents Brock Obama, and George W Bush to be among the speakers when the service. Gets underway in a few hours Yesterday Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell called McCain a generational leader in the Senate he treated every issue with the intensity the people's business deserve He would fight tooth and nail. For his vision of the common good, depending on the issue You knew John would either be your staunchest ally Or your most stubborn opponent McConnell was among the congressional leaders who paid. Tribute to McCain at the capitol yesterday to California now where, lawmakers are sending, new net neutrality rules to governor Jerry Brown's desk California state Senate approved a Bill Friday to put the new regulations in place to prevent. Internet service, providers from favoring certain, websites over others NPR's shame stupak reports at backers say they hope the governor will enact what they. Call, the strongest net neutrality protections in the country Democrats. Scott Weiner who co wrote the Bill said. Net neutrality, is important for activists and small businesses this Isabelle a level playing field internet where we as individuals, against the side where we, go on the internet the measure stops internet providers like Comcast in AT and t. from blocking. Slowing down or speeding up access to certain, websites but the industry called, the Bill heavy-handed saying the internet needs one Nash Policy. Instead of, state by state approaches, California Democrats portrayed the legislation as a rebuke of President Trump earlier this year the FCC repealed net. Neutrality, rules imposed under the Obama administration California's governor hasn't. Said if he'll sign the Bill James Dubec. NPR news, the Trump administration is cutting nearly three hundred million dollars in funding for the United Nations agency that, helps Palestinian refugees the move, ins decades of support in a statement the State Department called the agency irredeemably flawed but there. Are fearsome move could further destabilize the region, you're listening to NPR news Fans from across the nation joined celebrities in music and other arenas and honoring Aretha Franklin in. Detroit Friday NPR's Debbie Elliott reports a funeral for, the Queen of soul lasted for the better. Part of the day there have been musical tributes.

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