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My partner rod Woodson was with me on Sunday night football tonight I'm Kevin Kugler ten ten our score sheets just got an interception thrown by Jacoby process great job the honey badger here on the one side may hold the tight ends with to the scene and normally that safety stays close to number two but he jumped to number one the scene perceptron a volunteer great play by ear molds started tonight seven for seventy six of thirteen census he'll throw on first down the home thrown over the middle the end of the Marcus Robinson in conclusion was running through the middle of the field on a diagonal toward the right sideline on the ball off his left hand more homes is six four is last fourteen for ninety nine yards at the Marcus Robinson is lucky he touched that football is George old was looking right behind for the intercept second down in San chief to the ballroom thirty seven yard line Damian Williams in the backfield so far no semblance no sign of a running game from the chief Williams will try here on second down tries the right side maybe a yard to the thirty eight foot rolls there was a change running back I hope that the internet was called to the stand Michael waters to play man this is for more pressure one of the holes in the pocket to make you more comfortable hopefully you can get from bathroom by him they get the ball back third down in nine the same hole and that suits their Williams a motion in the backfield to the right side of my home the homes on the light short side to his right gets the shot gun snapback metals along the hash steps away from personal holds dancing throwing as more to install three we could take that juggling act on the road it's a first down if it's the end of the Cold sporty six hello to help you but it's not working with Quincy Wilson was the tackler the corner who is also expected to see some time if safety the flag is still on somebody's pocket they picked it up close down at the forty six yard line of Indianapolis in before every bit of both hands to make sure I got that this is the schools do well because of your quarterback has to play like that and make those type of please way a forty six yard line on first down bell the tied into motion from left to right single back Gisele Sean McCoy fake to record now they set up the screen with the forty five what is affordable for the report of a thirty five around the block to the inside the twenty five and finally the fifty Georgia not Bobby you re key at the bottom of the pile the chiefs away with a turnover George outstanding played by George wrote on coming here Singapore is looking back inside to was left he's on the outside with the right arm fourteen yard line officially after the thirty two yard played by my so she's getting huge play in the screen but George Oldham knocks it out from behind the bedroom and the cold storage room fourteen first down and ten five fifty seven remaining in this first half tied at ten Manson was sons were sixty seconds that gives it to Marilyn Manson mac looking for any kind of running room gets two yards before manual and more stable make the stock playboy back in the line up for the first time this season in his first year with the cheesiness the first four weeks after violating the league's substance abuse policy service to the specialist system for a few he is going back to the second a sixteen yard line in Indianapolis please wait for the new suit the truth is he gives it the so for tonight against the space no ninety behind says it sees after the play that'll stop the clock with five oh eight remaining in the first half and it's exceeding your Williams big defensive tackle on the northern I wait.

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