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Pick the draft by going three and thirteen. They took peyton and guess what they did. They went through thirteen. And you know how long it took them to win a super bowl with peyton nine years nine years. And that's the kind of a you know a federal timetable. We're working on some of them. Do turn out to be home. Some of do turn out to be. Tom brady and some of them. Turn out to be payton. Who had to wait nearly a decade after being the top. Pick in the draft to win a super bowl is been going on for literally fifty us guys. Jim plunkett was basically almost killed here. He was sacked repeatedly. It was a it was a failure. And guess what he gets a couple of rings elsewhere. The race of here one of the few number one. I think he's one of the few quarterbacks two super bowl rings who is not in the hall of fame is pro. He wasn't number one pick and it was a it was a disaster here and and he got out of here and you know life got turned much for the better just to continue a theme that we've spoken about for a while the houston texans. Play the dallas cowboys in preseason. Their quarterbacks were davis mills. Jeff driscoll and tyrod taylor notable name not playing or seeing yet or practicing whatever continues to be the biggest mystery. The nfl the chamois. Hey by the way speaking of shakedowns mentioned bob. Are you following. What's happening with the new state. Would i always called the new stadium hustle that is now going on in buffalo. New york and ryan has even more passionate thoughts about the stadium. They already have but goodell at. Jim kelly's golf tournament yesterday. Stumping for a new stadium. For mr and mrs pa- gula and mitch and bob lipid writing about this for years. Okay everybody in the area everybody in the state because the buffalo bills happened to be the only pro football team in new york state will be told how good this is for tax payers if they get their new stadium. You know which tax payers will benefit from the bills getting a new stadium. Mr and mrs pa- gula and whoever gets the rights to build the stadium but guess what they're going to get their stadium and you know what else will get will get them a super bowl in buffalo new york not for my point of view a. There's nothing wrong with the current stadium. I liked game near logistics. You're good You know what you get there. It's it's not totally conveniently located. I don't know where are planning on building the stadium across anyway bob across the street. It's always street cross that that reminds me of my my number one leader in the clubhouse for the you know the most of this story is giants stadium. There was nothing wrong with giant stadium. Nothing was replaced with what i call the big ugly grey best places for fans ever the sight lines i walked is a lot and you everything included the puck somebody to restrooms and concession stand was intelligently placed. It was nothing wrong with that stadium. The dickey's listen. The absurdity of the expectations of owners for stadiums can be summed up in. And i'm reading on a piece while we're talking here. The buffalo news initially reported the hulas requested the stadium. Be one hundred percent. Taxpayer-funded now what other business in the world gets to come out and say we would like you to build us our factory one hundred percent and if you do will will consent to maybe sticking around here. Even amazon doesn't have balls like that. They have some kind of partnership building. You a hundred percent. They want the taxpayers to pay one hundred percent for eight games a year. I'm not. I don't believe in preseason games. I don't even talk about eight caves year when when ford field was built in downtown detroit and they move from the silverdome which was out in the suburbs to downtown detroit. Everybody talked about how this is going to revitalize the city and helped bring the city back. And it's great for the city and i can't tell you what deal they ultimately struck the fords and i think it was a partnership of some kind of deal. It sits empty three hundred plus days a year. okay. I use only so many things you can put in a downtown indoor football stadium. Okay once in a while. You have a massive concert but there aren't too many acts that can fill a place that holds eighty thousand people and then you have eight football games and now and then you you get a bowl game that they throw in there or high school championship where they put it in a couple of hundred people in the stands. It is mostly stadiums are mostly vacant. They do not revitalize cities they do not create restaurant opportunities and everyone. There's eight games a year baseball stadiums. You can make a little bit more of an argument. Because there's eighty games a year but even baseball stadium sit empty that majority of a calendar year so tell them taxpayers. they somehow have to pay for. It's good for them. Is one of the great boondoggles that football teams have been putting on. 'em mike and bob you know full. Well what comes on the other side of it. Well if you don't build it for us we could always go to a city that will bill for us. There's always this ransom thing this this this whole issue now it shutting him down the like we would move to another city so on the one. You're saying we're part of the community was such a big part that we want you to pay one hundred percent of but on the other hand if you don't pay a hundred percent of it we're not that big. A part of the community will move to city match. Let me tell you something. One of the great on not unwritten. It's been written okay. But when the late. Peter mcgowan. He tried to get pub public funding for the giants new ballpark. And you know what he finally did. He did exactly what you were just talking about. He went to the bank and it got partners and the got alone and they built a ballpark. Okay it flew in the face of everything that is going on. I'm telling you this is the great corporate hustle of the civic and state hustle of the last. What thirty thirty five years in this country and the owners always always always come out on top and the pagodas is a shame on them for saying they wanted entirely publicly. Funded republican get to share the profits that they make from owning an nfl. Taylor course not. But by the way i want to ask you one more question before i do. I want to remind everybody that we're once again sponsored.

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