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The mould i mean arisen another one of these guys i mean the closest thing might be drew brees he's thirty nine or so is the but mc'ing he'll discuss his show no evidence that there are anywhere deng play it you know i do a lot of tv and radio on stuff you know they're all told me about the stats from december and i said you know tell me how how greatest stats were in september october and november and now they got bad decembre sits you realize it could call it gets cold foxborough in december you got that right and they're planning and outdoor stadium not endorse you got you got that right you know people forget all the other factors to come into play football say knows come playoff time the guy shows up all the time does me he does and he he certain everyone keeps on route and everyone keeps on rooting for the patriots to lose okay they wanna see brady fall this is still they wanna see belcher honest days and you're in most thought most often times it ends up with the same result now he does the as you said he brings it so i think i know the answer to this question i'll ask in any way what did you think of the espn story that came out it was a big deal about it and one of the things in there was that he uses nervous in the pocket this year and that he is declining according to an internal evaluations what did you think of that i think the two this is like giving given me to rob an area of me i mean you wanna talk about how stupid people can bury your written an article like that hold all you do is firearm up even more clear what do you want him to be why would you wander have even more motivation to play okay more of a real more repeat reason the shudder than one now uh are you kidding me i mean you think you think about it i mean mr jealousy and ngos involved in in professional sports you betcha their risk okay doesn't everyone you know everyone without walking around saying you want a pat on the back this everyone feel good when.

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