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Ladies and gentleman Lynchburg Ohio and the god is just the radio broadcast it is written all the churches of Christ some of you it is written for the kingdom of heaven is like unto on my own traveling into a far country the call these old service center there were tons of them his goods it is written I don't know what he gave five talents to another to total one reach according to is several ability and went on his journey it is written straight away he that received the file tell us when and traded with them and made other five talents in like manner he also that receiver to gain the other two it is written but he that received the one what a way date did the your and his it's large Monday for a long time the lord of those servers come with and make other reckoning with them and he that receive the five tellers came and brought other five tell of saying lord thou deliver son to me five talents low I have gained other five gallons is lord said unto him well done good and faithful servant that has been faithful over a few things I will serve they over many things enter thou into the joy of the lord com friends saying although faith us so dear to me.

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