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Well listening fishing of nutrition on caroline hudson registered technician nutritionists and licensed by tation today we're discussing how to eliminate back pain through nutrition and with me a special guest madeleine baker matt one learned how to win lemonade her back pain and spasms through nutrition but before we get back try topic today i wanna put a plug and for upcoming waived him well missed six weeks theories starting the week of october sixteenth these classes are going to be held up all over the city they paul make bell y said i'm a pump world and north alex so if and if you sign up before october eighth you get the early bird discount in save fifty dollars our wayne wellness series is depth to our classes and it's classes you're going to learn how to increase your energy it to boost to mood decrease those aka giants clip better and prove digestion and managed some appear own health conditions mike idea irritable bowel syndrome are lawyer cholesterol eliminate heart burn manage arthritis are has not thrown an manny's or even high profile right and of course many other things he'll be topped by our certified nutrition educators and they are most though passionate about their own health and helping you feel better you're going to receive our cookbook are waiting wellness cookbook and attrition guide it has over under and recipes cooking tips meal planning ideas and more as a whole twenty four ninety five up value plush are going to get a balanced eating guy and food journal so to register.

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