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Call it a hot day today sixty three degrees in Seattle right now I'm Gregg Hersholt MandA is off this morning these are some of our top stories. Is August six that means tomorrow is primary election day here in Washington and three other states and governor Jay Inslee is trying to get the democratic meshes jolly can do the things that are necessary to, restore healthcare across this country and, restore economic growth he was on ABC's this week with George Stephanopoulos and he was, followed by Republican, Ohio governor John casick. Who agrees the Democrats do have a big advantage of this year chaos it seems to surround Donald, Trump has unearthed. A lot of people so suburban women in particular here are the ones that are really. Turned off in case it also. Took a little bit of a mild shot at Inslee saying he almost fell. Asleep listening to the Washington governor Casey Cavs. The Democrats are often too focused on opposing the president rather than. Providing their own. Solutions here in Washington There are a number of high profile races. Most notable who will replace the, retiring Republican congressman Dave Reichert in the. Eighth district. Republican Dino Rossi widely expected to. Move onto the general election of it's not clear who. He'll be running against former state Senator Rodney Tom wants his old job back he's one. Of two Democrats who joined the Republicans to form the so-called majority coalition caucus before he stepped down Tom also has picked up the endorsement of the. Seattle times in a fair amount of Republican money and US Senator Maria Cantwell up, for, reelection, this year she's expected to move onto the general election she's drawn field of twenty. Eight challengers in fluid including former Republican state chair Susan Hutchison Seattle. City council member Sean Musab, want is expected to introduce a resolution today to preserve the. Show box theatre a developer wants to build a high-rise luxury apartments in its place many local artists want to see the. Theater stay. In place as a music venue legalization of recreational marijuana has done little to encourage the growth of industrial L. hemp but that's beginning to change to the delight of advocates. Who consider him a miracle crop that story from komo's Corwin. Hake have advocates say the non intoxicating. Version of the cannabis plant can be used to manufacture fabrics fuels construction materials household products the barrier to a. Full blown industrial hemp industry remains the federal government which continues to classify him as a schedule one narcotic same as its cousin marijuana well that barrier is. Falling thanks to the industrial hemp research pilot. That's a federal program that allows the growth of, hemp for research purposes Washington, state is, participating in the program. State issued seven licenses to grow hamp in two thousand seventeen that was the. First year of the program and has also received funding to continue the program. This year but Washington also imposes its own barriers related to drug prohibition under state, law anyone with. A prior felony drug conviction must wait ten years to Obtain a hemp growing, license Corwin Hake KOMO news minors caught with alcohol, or marijuana canot avoid jail time in, Skagit, county that story from komo's Jeff Pohjola, under a new pilot program kids caught with pot or booze can be issued in education. Citation according to the Skagit valley herald is, keeps them out of the legal system and their records clean instead they're giving substance, abuse, education and, counseling the. Program is funded by a grant from the.

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