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Just remember Go to the Iowa sad story have to search for BET River Sports book and put Colorado on the back. Every sports but Colorado get it downloaded and get in on the action. Now Big Al and I were talking about this had a key Matsuyama won the historic win Historic win first Japanese player to ever win the Masters. And boy did it pay out in a big way. Um, how about this day one he was at plus 5500. If you bet $275 on that, by the way You won $14,025 okay? Yes, We're talking really, really good money. So get in on the action and do not forget tomorrow and we'll talk about what the avalanche have done since the trade deadline. They have made some moves. Tomorrow is NHL boost profit day. You get 20% profit boost on every bet you make on the National Hockey League. It's all I had that river sports book dot com. Must be 21 located in Colorado Gambling problem Call 1 805 to 2 47 100 K Away news radio time. 3 34 Our top story an update on the school shooting in Knoxville, Tennessee. Police say an officer wounded during the shooting will be okay. One suspect is in custody. It's not known how many other people were hurt at Austin East Magnet High School in Knoxville, the mayors of ST Paul and Minneapolis or enacting a curfew at seven tonight. The move comes after a violent night of protests over the police shooting death of Dante right in the city of Brooklyn Center. The police chief there believes the officer pulled her gun. Instead of a Taser to subdue, writes the unrest in Minneapolis has led to several sports cancelations tonight, the Minnesota Twins said. Out of respect for the tragic events in Brooklyn center, the team decided it is in the best interests of fans, staff players in community to not play their game against the Red Sox, The Minnesota Wild said. It's hockey game against the ST Louis Blues was postponed out of respect for the community and the Minnesota Timberwolves said it would not play basketball against the Nets..

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