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But I think those are good at but explain something to me you said don't score get the first. But you already it was first and goal from the ten so I didn't know. What was I missing there that you said, don't score get the I. I think. I I mean I didn't see much of it but I it chronologically how they splice those things isn't necessarily always you know. Just accurate. So it may not might have been from down in distance before I'm not. I'm not really sure okay of the exact audio but But definitely You know just a disappointing way to lose last couple of weeks. You know nice to to right the ship last night if your kids come home and say they want to dress up is Patrick Mahomes for Halloween. Get Out. What if they say Tom Brady get out. Any other quarterback. How about is there any player they could dress up? That wouldn't be on the Falcons you'd be okay with. Trust me those those two Patrick Mahomes. Fans have there's no doubt. So I love both those guys they're both mazing players but you know our boys need to know where their loyalty lie. Did you. Did you ever visit athlete for Halloween I was Eric Lindros one year. GROWN UP IN PHILADELPHIA Eric Lindros on on rollerblades. It was pretty good costume for me. A strange number wasn't he like? Seventy seven, eighty, seven something like that. He had a really high number I think you is eighty eight. Eighty eight years. Yeah. Hey, it's always great to talk to you. Certainly it's a little better after win but thanks for joining us as always Matt. Thanks Dan appreciates man that's Matt Ryan Falcons quarterback big big win last night, and a running touchdown there as well. Teammates were kind of laughing on the sidelines and he scored his touchdown when they missed the extra point and I thought Oh, they've opened the door for Carolina to come back and. Hey touchdown and two point conversion, and here we go again with the Falcons but you lose to the lions. Like you can't. It's It's really impossible to think that this is how you could lose two games like that. WHAT HAPPENS DALLAS? We may never see that again. And then. What happened with Detroit where you say don't score and they still scored they would be in playoff contention right now they should at least be foreign and four game out of first place. And then you might approach the trade deadline differently but I don't nobody's getting moved here. Certainly not quarterback Julio Jones and that's not happening appalling when drop back quarterback run everyone kind of goes. Oh my gosh what's happening I is anyone more like that than later in his career Peyton manning when he would run past the line of scrimmage. Dog On, Tyne leg what what's going on why? Why would he do that? You don't do that, and then he would slide anytime anyone within his force field area. I don't think there's anyone all he would go into fetal position better than anybody in the history of the game fill rivers is like that. Now, if he goes runs forward, people freak out in Brady's pretty good at it is well, they did it just feels like they're lumbering. Rothlisberger, not not as much like he's not running as much as he keeps the play alive. Allying not a good runner. and. When you see it and they're successful and then you go. Oh, because we haven't seen it before from these guys and Matt Ryan's rush for thirteen hundred yards in his career but that's long touchdown run that he's had. mclovin you got a poll question. Yeah. Of course about Julio Jones if you're Julio, do you want to be traded Well. Where am I being traded to? A contender but also we don't really know Julios very private. So we're not really sure what is life situation is. But I guess you from the South, he played it Alabama in Atlanta. At this stage of his career, he says. Because I don't think people look at the Falcons and say it's a bad organization. You know they've they've made mistakes during games. Their coaches have I think Arthur blank for the most part seems like he's generous owner but I. If you say to, Julio Jones do you WanNa go to Green Bay. I don't know if he'd say yes. You know how important is it to to try to win a super bowl? I I don't know he's already going to be a hall of Famer. And you know we don't say well, that wide receiver never won a super bowl. It's only the quarterback that in the coach that we say that about. But. I don't know because Julio Jones Does I. Think we've had him on one time. He sent me his Alabama he autographed Alabama Helmet in Senate to the show. But I other than that I haven't had any communication with him. Yeah. A club. I got another a Trevor Lawrence Paul that I can say don't worry. We'll save that one. I've a lot of questions there by the way, todd always has his Halloween names and We'll have that for you in about ten minutes from now. It's really one of the really solid parts of the show a lot of kids staying home today just to hear the Halloween Sports, related names that true I think. So that's great. Yeah. Yeah. You Know Mom and Dad. Let him stay home for a little while and then if they get to go to school or they have to zoom with class, they usually wait until you're done with your name, they'll appreciate all the names from like the nine hundred, seventy undies these ten twelve year old gets because you are basically stuck in the eighties. Your entire life is stuck in the eighties. See My my shining shirt. On and make a comment was hoping I'd get a little get a out of that. Didn't even do not offer on here. I. Saw Pretty Creepy Shirt. It's like the twins down the hall from the shine and I got it because it's Halloween tomorrow it is a shining. I got. It looks good. We'll take a break. We got our play of the day coming up next and a little bit later on. We'll talk to Michael Wilbon from pardon the interruption Dave Roberts the dodger manager Chris Fowler will join us as well. I got some information, some interesting information about Nebraska football. and. They tried to schedule a game with a UT Chattanooga and didn't get permission from the big ten. You might be interested to know there were a couple of schools that were supporting Nebraska being able to play that game. This weekend have that for you coming up as well. Right here on the Dan Patrick Show Fox sports radio has the best sports talk lineup in the nation catch all of our shows at Fox, sports radio, DOT COM,.

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