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Storms like this in March in the Midwest He says they're more common in April and May It's one 48 Traffic and weather on the 8s to rob stalwart in the WTO traffic center In the district sandy northbound D.C. two 95 all traffic stopped and diverted at benning road Y traffic is actually being diverted on the Pennsylvania avenue thanks to Calvin for giving us that update northbound D.C. two 95 all traffic stop before benning road and diverted onto Pennsylvania avenue as a result of the crash or the beltway in Virginia the in loop slow leaving the doubles toll road up to and across the American legion bridge no problems on 66 for now I 95 southbound here on the brakes leaving lorton headed toward one 23 were traveling available north fen I 95 as you head past the rappahannock river and before the center port Parkway still with the crash activity blocking the left flame we do see a tow truck is on scene there hopefully they'll have that wrapped up pretty soon no problems as you continue northbound on I 95 And the main lanes toward the Springfield interchange the express lanes are pointed in the northbound direction as well No problems when I three 95 up to and across the 14th street bridge you're traveling or open If you traveling in Maryland northbound on the bottom of Washington Parkway before the beltway we had the left lane blocked for down three so watch out for that Otherwise traveling at this point on two 70 looks pretty good leaving raw Frederick headed toward Rockville I 70 westbound between the tabs go river and route 29 and elegant city we had the broken down vehicle possibly along the right side should be wrapped up and gone and you're traveling to open there traveling the beltway in Montgomery county on the outer loop the front of the caravan is now passing of course Connecticut avenue headed toward three 55 uncertain if they're going to continue around the beltway We understand they may be making another lap on the beltway so watch out for folks headed toward the American legion bridge otherwise things are clear if you traveling on route 50 between the capitol beltway in the eastern shore no problems at the bay bridge You guys are pretty cool with three lanes west and two lanes open in the eastbound direction I'm rob stallworth WTO traffic Now to storm team four meteorologist Michelle Grossman Windy and warm this afternoon is scattered shower to around highest mid to upper 70s tonight mostly cloudy breezy and mild.

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