A new story from Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend


It so comfortable. Treat yourself to ultimate comfort with brooklyn's comforter collection go to brooklyn dot com and use promo code. Bff to get twenty five dollars off with a minimum purchase. One hundred dollars that's brooklyn and be are okay. L. i n. e. n. dot com and enter promo code. Bff for twenty five dollars off with a minimum purchase of one hundred dollars. That's brooklyn dot com promo code f. f. I also want to tell you guys about rossi's super comfortable shoes. You can wear them straight out of the box and you won't get blisters. You can wash them in the washing machine. They're made out of recycled water bottles. And you might think that sounds crunchy. But they're not no. It's like soft yet. Strong fabric super stylish. Our friend in front of the show. Jackie johnson wears them all the time. And i think she might have even gotten married in them will find out next week when she comes on. Got to talk about her wedding. I went to zoom wedding yesterday. It was magical. Make your mark in the new year with comfortable washable and sustainable shoes and bags. From rossi's they're available in a range of styles and coming in ever changing array of colors prince and patterns. Cnn says roth each other comfy.

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