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Lie this witness tampering it's a crime charges do not relate to manafort's work on the trump campaign among other things manafort faces criminal charges of money laundering false statements and acting as an unregistered foreign agent for ukrainian interests picky barker cbs news saint louis police are still looking for a man who was unintentionally released from jail early last week while awaiting charges for leading police on a chase in a stolen dump truck under the law suspects have to be released after twenty four hours unless they're charged jovi carro says mixup doesn't make anybody look good well it seems bizarre the prosecutor's office in the police department are blaming each other on who's at fault in dueling statements the police say the prosecutor's office failed to move fast enough circuit attorney kim gardeners office says the police should have sought charges the same day he was arrested not wait until the next morning with two hours to spare thirty nine year old joseph macdonald has now been charged with an at large warrant for the final few days for an iconic saint louis area company germany's bayer will finalise its acquisition of monsanto this coming thursday que more xs michael calhoun has more detailed as we told you the name monsanto will then fade into history right now the feedback from the monsanto night is look we're very proud of our brands and what we've achieved when fixated on the monsanto brand we look forward very much to the opportunity of coming onto debate a roof we believe we'll have more opportunities there liam condo and the president of bayer crop science will be the new boss in saint louis wants bayer takes over and the company plans to move its current crop science hq from the research triangle and north carolina to saint louis county in fact the former monsanto campuses could see an uptick in employees because bayer intends to up its investment in research if you spend still youthful big versus everybody.

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