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And now move the sticks with Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks. What's up everybody? Dj Bucky here with move the sticks. It is a crazy crazy frenzy. Time Right now. Obviously in the world on on the on the importance scale when football. It's been it's been a while right over the last couple days. Bach and we have a lot of things. We're going to cover today as a recording. This Tom Brady is it's been announced. He's not going to be coming back to the New England patriots so we are going to do the podcast right now. Not Knowing we're top rates go. We're going to get this out to you where we cover a lot of different topics and then once the Brady decision comes down. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA produce another podcast just on where Brady goes what that means for his new team as well as winkle patriots where they go from there to be a brief podcast. But we'll do our best to get that out to you as soon as possible as well. But there's a lot to get to with what we already know around the League right now. The movie crazy stuff that transpired move in the league. I feel like it's just an ongoing Circus just like so many moves so many things happening guys going people using the trade vehicles to upgrade their teams and then finally getting word today of some guys on a trade block. Some guys that are assigned a free deals Has Been Bananas Last? Twenty four hours. Well let's start rolling through Some of these other move circus because we've got a bunch of stuff off to talk about here as we're talking. I mean deals. Just continue to come down one after another after another But why don't we jump in here? I bucket and talk about some of the quarterback stuff Just a little bit before. We started recording. Let's start with the CAM. Newton News That's going to be friendly ending there but it is definitely an ending yet. Dj I think ultimately like the team made a business decision to move on from Cam Newton. They have given him permission to seek out a trade This obviously means that when you look at the timing of it. They've been in. Negotiations obviously was some quarterback and they feel like they're close again the deal during which is why would then allow Cam Newton to shop services to other teams. I feel like this is something that we expected to happen when they say they can with come back. It was a bit of a surprise but now we come to know they were trying to protect themselves to make sure that they get the quarterback that they want before they move on from the long term starter. That really helped a franchise gives us problems. Yeah I mean. I'm just curious to see what his next move is I. I had a tough time coming up with teams buck that I think would be in on Cam Newton A saw a new one that was mentioned was the Washington redskins obviously familiar with Ron Rivera. with coach. Turner their offense coordinator. Who's got had a really good run to start twenty eighteen season so that I guess make some sense of the any of the teams. Stand out to you with him. I don't even know if that would really make sense because what you have. Is You gotta young starting quarterback into Wayne Haskins If you bring Cam in there if you any sense that Dwayne is going to be Your Guy. You only stunt his growth by having cam there and then and actually rally. What is Ron Rivera? Really think about Cam as a starting quarterback he is got Turner. They've embarked on this new mission in Washington. Do they see cam as being an upgrade or somewhere that they could come to build the franchise around as they're trying to change the culture there? When really survey the landscape easy? I don't see really good landing spot for Cam I know in the past. Chicago had been mentioned as a possible destination. But when you get outside of that without knowing his health status. I don't know how anyone could say that. A there's a starting job waiting for Cam Newton elsewhere because no one knows and I also don't know how many officer coordinators are take on their project to get back to playing at a pro bowl Yeah I mean I definitely think it's It's difficult to come up with the team. So we'll see what happens there with him as we're doing this in Buckeye man. I'm just kind of his scrolling through twitter reporting it looks like Teddy Bridgewater in the panthers are close on three year contracts. So that to me is is interesting fit. They're going to move on from Cam Newton and then tape bridgewater comes in there and I would not be shocked if they used their their first round. Pick number seven overall on a quarterback as well but to me. It's kind of a new start hearing and it looks like Teddy Bridgewater is going to be that guy so dj if you go back and you connect the dots There couple things impacted when you talk about the Panthers Teddy Bridgewater Obviously Joe. Brady's the new office coordinator Joe Brady spent time with the New Orleans saints as an offensive assistant basically and talking to people from the saints. They say that when you looked at. Lsu Offense Joe Brady was basically using a scaled down version of what the saints have done for years. Their base plays to really dominate. The college. Game Brady has been elevated to be an NFL office coordinator. WanNA REACH BACK TO NEW ORLEANS GIDDY. Bridgewater who knows not only the base level offense of what he can bring some of the new innovations in new variations. That they've Addison's job rated afford it to me. It makes sense the only thing that I worry about. If I'm teddy bridgewater is how long is my leash on the starting job because if they do. We're speculating a they're going to draft a quarterback in the first round. You know the clock starts as soon as they draft kit. So if I'm teddy bridgewater is this the most stable insecure situation that could be in. And can I get enough money to make me feel? Okay with what could happen in a year or two if they do decide to use me as a bridge quarterback in transition. I would think that the Patriots if the Patriots are in play would be a little better deal just in terms of the way that the team is being constructed in the way to Bill Belichick as treated quarterbacks previously but a when you got sixty million on the table depending on the amount of guarantees that are in there. I can't afford Teddy Bridgewater for taking a big deal. Yeah I think it's interesting and I I think it's also fascinating you're inside this division here with the saints kind of having to make their decision of what they wanted to do going forward and now you have teddy bridgewater playing for a division rival. So it's GonNa be fun to watch that all unfolds We could go through a bunch more quarterbacks stuff here drew brees. I don't think there's really much to say there. We expected that He's back with the saints I expect probably by the time you're listening to this. At the Philip rivers deal will be done with the with the Indianapolis Colts so that takes another one off the market but when we look at the wide receiver position. I mean I try and make sense of this. When you look at the trades for the Andre Hopkins and then you look at at the trade what happened with the buffalo bills acquiring Stefan digs trying to sort out the difference in compensation. There is mad. It's mind blowing a difference between the two they bring the Is is a difference but DJ. We've talked about this when we're building a team in organization. There's a reason why teams have general managers and head coaches and they're typically not the same person ideally want to think about building this like branches of the government. You want to have a checks and Balances System. Ultimately someone has the final. Say would you like in a front office? Have General Manager who can challenge the coach and vice versa. I've always fill hit coaches. Think about the here nail. What can we do for the team today? Maybe tomorrow the general manager is supposed to think about the long term viability of the franchise. How can we have a long sustained stain successful run Were we can compete for titles. And sometimes that might mean taking a step back or not making a move whereas hit coaches because a lot of hay coaches are little more emotional and reactive. They have a tendency to kind of get in their feelings. And sometimes that can be the driving force of the moves that they make a felt like in Houston. Whatever the situation was bill. O'brien and the Andre Hopkins. It was at a point where he felt the need to make a move and wanted to make the move right now where I think a general manager would play it out a little slower and try to really build up that market before. They made the move. Ah Buck I mean. It's it's interesting when you look at the compensation for the two players you look at at at Hopkins. What he was able to get in return. I think you ask anybody around. Lee's top five wide receiver But You J. D. Andrei Hopkins Anna Fourth Round. Pick you get David Johnson. In his big contract running back has not been saying who the cardinals were looking to get rid of. So you're going to take on that contract and you get a second round. Pick this year in a fourth round. Pick next year. So that's what you get for Hopkins and then you look at what the Vikings rail to do in their move they send defined eggs they get a one a five a six and in a twenty twenty one four from the day for for days they also include a seventh round pick with dicks but but to not getting one for Hopkins at least a back in wants something That was shocking to me. I mean it is shocking. But we've seen Lebron can do a handful of these deals and you understand. Dj like is. There's an experience and wisdom that comes with kind of thriving in the general manager role. And when you're a head coach in so many your obligations are getting the team. Ready to play in dillon with things that are related to onfield action. You don't have the ability to understand fully how to execute personnel moves how to weigh in play the TRAE game and all of those things and what you're seeing in in that aspect you saw inexperienced general manager take advantage of it inexperienced personnel man Steve. Tom Played played it out. He was able to dump a player that they really didn't have any use for an get. Becky big time player while without having to get up a top pick. I mean it is just a classic case of inexperienced guy taking advantage of someone who doesn't fully understand what they're doing and that's why I said yesterday when this all went down. This is exciting for Kylo. Murray not just because what you're GonNa get with the Andre Hopkins in this offense with Andrea Hopkins who Christian Kirk and Larry Fitzgerald and also Kenyan Drake. They're gonNA keep who can really get involved in the past Games. Well out of the backfield but this freeze them up now they can take tackle with. The eighth overall. Pick they resigned. Dj Humphrey so the hope is you get this offensive line in good shape. You're going to be able to get more guys out into the route which is going to give him more options. Especially when you have somebody like Hopkins. It's GonNa demand attention so you're going to have more options out the route but buckets..

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