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And I'm not, I'm not saying that. I'm just saying, it's a really long time since he's tasted or been able to lead a team to a Super Bowl. And so that for me is the biggest issue and meanwhile, he's holding all of his hostage in the process. And that's another Brett Favre parallel. One championship in 96. Early. Earlier early when he left and that was 12 years, is there a Rogers thing is 13 years since he'd won that championship? I think the argument that he was hurt was okay. My counter argument to the two time MVP deserves the benefit of the doubt. You know who else is the two time MVP? Steve Young. But you know what the problem is, he's old. The problem is Steve Young is old. And the problem is baron Rogers is not much younger at this point. Then Steve Young is. It's the same thing in basketball with LeBron, where it's just like, oh, LeBron's going to be back in a couple of weeks. Yeah, for how long. He owe, this is what happens to old things. Was I get this baby out of the shop. It's going to be good as new. Oh, damn. The window, the windows switch messed up again, right? That's where it goes, but look, here's why I am really down for him to go to the jets. And I don't like all this other stuff the same way. You don't like it, but I'm cool with it. I have lived in this city for 6 years now. The football teams have been wholly uninteresting before this year and the jets to me were interesting. The Giants were better, but I didn't find them interesting. But football here has been entirely uninteresting, really, for over a decade, like probably since the 2011 giants won the championship because think about and this is my thought about oda Beckham in his time with the Giants and all the hill that he called for the media and everything else. They would have liked him a lot more if they were an interesting team because then he would have just kind of been part of the Tapestry of what it was, but he was the only thing worth talking about. Not necessarily the only thing worth watching, but the only thing we're talking about and then the only thing to talk about really is he's mortality than you and your girl probably want to slide them a little something. And don't nobody really want to talk about that. No, you're right. It's been more than just not good on the field. They've been completely irrelevant off of it too, right? For both of those teams. And so like I said, I don't begrudge the jets trying to make this move for Aaron Rodgers. I just begrudge the whole idea that you're sort of standing here orchestrating. I want this person and I want that person and I want this person. His energy is just clearly no one has ever been able to sort of get to Aaron Rodgers and be like, the way that you deliver things is just so off putting. And you know, we've had people this last week on SportsCenter and other places on ESPN, and they're like, oh, I think Aaron Rodgers actually had a really great fit for New York because like, you know, he doesn't care what people say.

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