Paula, Iran, President Trump discussed on Colorado's Morning News


We see some of that same dynamic inside the administration we again we don't argue the facts we don't argue the case we argue the personality and and frankly we argue against the other side by accusing them and pointing at them and saying to the american people you can't trust them they're liberals are they're foreigners or they're muslims or they're immigrants that's not who we are michael hayden the book is the assault on intelligence american national security in an age of lies thanks for the time thank you very much nuclear weapons are at the heart of what the us wants to discuss with north korea however the freedom of three us citizens being detained in the north also at top issue more background now from abc stephanie ramos clear when those three americans attained in north korea will be released especially now that that north korea says the us is claiming that washington's political pressure and sanctions are what drove young to the negotiating table they don't seem to agree with that the north official news agency quotes a foreign ministry spokesman who says the us is deliberately provoking the dprk at the time when the situation on the korean peninsula is moving toward peace and reconciliation so here's what we know about the men detained kim jong chul he's sixty years old and has been held the longest in north korea he was detained back in two thousand fifteen accused of being a spy for south korea and sentenced to ten years of hard labor then there's tony kim and kim hack song who were both teaching north korea's only private university both detained as they tried to leave the country at different times what would their release mean for this impending meeting between president trump and kim jong there's so many are looking forward to yeah paula honestly who can really say at this point he could cool early be used as a bargaining chip in the larger negotiation we've seen it happen before hostages were released by iran before the iran nuclear deal was finalized so you was officials they tell us they have every expectation that the three detainees will be released before the summit of course that could always change that's abc's stephanie ramos reporting it is just about nine eighteen it is colorado's morning news here on koa newsradio april here it's that time of year at the georgetown loop railroad what a great way to celebrate spring all.

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