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Expiry Pershing LLC and Pershing adviser solutions LLC are both members of dinner and septic this is a Bloomberg market minute when economists decide if a recession is on the horizon they first look at the markets is really irritable mock at this point it's recession right live is been pops the best indicator of recession about the loss this he is Neil shearing is chief economist at capital economics group and there are others paying attention Roger Berkowitz is C. E. O. of legal seafoods which has thirty five restaurants along the east coast going back to look at data there was a share from line too hard liquor more martinis bark Jan drinks so let me go back and see if there's any correlation and when the economy was running smoothly more wind is generally consume and right now everyone's talking about a recession and lo and behold it is you know hard liquor is up a little bit that's based on alcohol sales from the past month but both Berkowitz and shearing point out that overall consumer spending is up and the labor market is tight so it's not certain a recession is looming and moss to Bloomberg radio thank you thank you for this great honor as CEO of this company I couldn't be happier with our accomplishments this year we achieve double digit growth we lost key personnel but we didn't miss a step I want to take a moment to thank one of our key partners serious executives when I first heard of serious I was a little skeptical what is an interim expected if when they told me one executive one day a week can help us get double digit growth I was shocked I didn't even know that was possible and here we are twelve months later and Sirius will continue to be one of our key partners for years to come because regardless of the problems that show up in our business they always have an executive solution ready for us.

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